LA Rams running back Kyren Williams talks 2024 goals with Rich Eisen

He sprang from nowhere to rise to the top of NFL rushers in 2023. What surprises does LA Rams RB Kyren Williams hold for 2024?
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Kyren Williams
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Rams Kyren Williams / Ryan Kang/GettyImages

After a rookie season that sputtered to produce 35 carries for 139 yards, and nine receptions from 12 targets for 76 receiving yards, it was safe to assume that the LA Rams offense would not find much excitement when jersey number 23 was called to carry the football in the future. But that is the thing about rookies. You see, they can get better. And with improved production, comes more frequent opportunities.

Williams ended 2022 with a mere 141 offensive snaps, a number that was nowhere near the number required to make a positive impact for the team. But when he was given the chance to do so, he persistently showed the confidence and courage to step up. Despite the light usage, he did average 4.0 yards per run.

When the 2023 NFL season arrived, and the team almost instantly traded away his teammate RB Cam Akers to the Minnesota Vikings for nothing, Williams was already prepared to handle the promotion. He turned 679 offensive snaps in 12 games into 228 carries and 32 catches. On the ground, he tallied 1,144 yards and 12 touchdowns. Through the air, he stuck for another 206 yards and three touchdowns. He was the embodiment of the Rams offense in 2023. So what lies ahead for 2024?

He has even earned high praise from NFL analyst and insider, Brian Baldinger.

Williams talks Rams offense and Coach McVay

The Rich Eisen Show, hosted by Rich Eisen, has been adamant about the team's addition and fit of former Michigan running back Blake Corum. That would put the future of Williams in question. but in this interview you can't see it.

Williams video clip in the Tweet below showcases Williams confidence. He is not bursting with the claims of setting records, being the best of all time. Rather, Williams exudes the type of humility in this offense that grounds him in the reality of always trying to improve with each season, each game, and each play.

Williams left a great deal on the football field in 2023, simply through the result of injury. Had he been healthy for those for additional games, his numbers would have been much more impressive.

But that is something that he can rectify in 2024. With a solid training camp, a bit more experience, and a healthy 2024 NFL season, Kyren Williams can set the NFL on fire in 2024 by simply playing the same style of elusive football that came so easily in 2023.

He jumped from an average of 4.0 yards per run to 5.0 yards per run. Can he improve on that lofty performance? The Rams invested into the offensive line, and the team seems to be far more interested in fielding a balanced offense this season. Those factors would seem to suggest that he can do even better.

Since hiring Coach Sean McVay, no other running back has averaged more yards per carry than Kyren Williams. While there is always room to improve, the real growth for his rushing production most likely lies in keeping him healthy and upright throughout the 2024 NFL season.