How many 2023 Rams rookies will be Day 1 starters?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Sean McVay / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

How many LA Rams rookies will be Day 1 starters during the 2023 NFL season? Well, we know that the answer is somewhere between 3 and 44. Why three? Because the LA Rams will have at least 3 special team starters at long snapper, punter, and kicker.

From that point, you have to guess that the Day 2 selections of interior offensive lineman Steve Avila, outside linebacker Byron Young, and defensive lineman Kobie Turner all have decent shots at starting for the LA Rams on opening day of the 2023 NFL season. After that? Now you are talking real SWAG (Scientific Wld Arsed Guesswork)

Of the remaining rookies added during the 2023 NFL Draft, I think that OLB Nick Hampton has a shot at a starting role. After all, the LA Rams cross-trained DL Michael Hoecht to the outside linebacker role out of necessity and desperation. Seven?

Now for the players who fall into the cracks

I also love the addition of defensive back Tre Tomlinson. Much like former Rams DB, Darious Williams, I believe that his intelligence and athleticism will compensate for his giving away a few inches of height to opposing receivers. 7.5?

I also like the chances of RB Ethan Evans, eventually. While he is a bit of an enigma, when the ball gets into his hands, he certainly knows what to do with it. Still, he is a rookie this year, which means redshirt to all but the best. I think he earns his shot at offensive snaps before the end of the season.

Likewise, I like the chances of defensive back Jason Taylor II (or another rookie safety) to get significant playing time on the Rams secondary. Whether that means earning a starting role outright, or simply playing well enough if a teammate gets banged up to take over partway through the 2023 NFL season.

The LA Rams simply did not draft enough DBs. dark. Trendingt

After all this rhetoric, I'll state that I believe that the Rams will open the 2023 NFL season with six rookie starters, including a punter, kicker, and long snapper. But over the course of a season, I would not be shocked in the least if at least a dozen rookies get a start this season. The only problem is, my guess right now depends on the quality of some 32 or so undrafted free agent rookie signings, which the LA Rams have only signed 16 to so far.