How much buzz will UDFA TE Christian Sims generate for the LA Rams in training camp?

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The LA Rams love to extend opportunities to undrafted rookies, perhaps more so than any other NFL team does. But the Rams have a rigid and disciplined method for doing so. That means that undrafted players may be signed to the summer training camp 90-man roster, but to make the 53-man roster, those undrafted rookie must impress the LA Rams coaching staff as much if not more than drafted rookies.

The Rams get even stingier with rookies overall when the regular season starts, as the team prefers the tried and true dependability of veterans rather than the mystery that comes with playing a rookie in meaningful game scenarios. That does not bode well for undrafted rookie tight end Christian Sims, whose very NFL career may depend heavily upon putting on the pads, getting onto the football field, and showing how incredibly versatile and productive he can be.

Can a tweener generate some excitement?

You see, Sims is not a prototypical NFL tight end. He stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 239 pounds. He is not particularly effective at blocking either So is there anything he can do well? Quite a lot, actually. As we pointed out in an article about the Rams' roster at tight end, rookie tight end Christian Sims is a very versatile player who can line up practically anywhere on the offense and deliver. He has a tight end and fullback background, but don't bet the farm that he will be playing fullback for the Rams anytime soon.

The reason that Sims is a topic of discussion is due to the fact that he has been named elsewhere as one of 12 UDFAs to watch in NFL training camp by Pro Football Focus author Austin Scott. Of course, that is a shrewd title, as training camp buzz is not quite the same thing as a productive rookie season, particularly where the Rams are concerned. But Scott does note that Sims has this going for him:

'However, his soft hands, fluid movement skills, and creativity after the catch give him an opportunity to flash in NFL training camp and the preseason, while his special teams' experience will only help his case in making the roster.' - per PFF Austin Scott

The LA Rams may be set at the traditional tight end role, but if the playbook gets a bit creative, then Christian SIms could carve out a unique niche role in the Rams offense this year. And if not this year, perhaps a year on the team's practice squad will allow the creative minds to concoct a role for him to fill next year.

Must read. Rams must run in 2023. LA Rams offense must run the football in 2023. dark

We know that the LA Rams will have a strong motivation to run the football. Perhaps a player like Christian Sims can help to evolve that Rams rushing attack to keep defenses on their heels.