How Rams engineered FMIA's "Underrated trade of the weekend"

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Underrated Trade of the Weekend breakdown

How did the LA Rams engineer the "Underrated trade of the weekend" in Peter King's view? He simply broke down the components to the trade that the LA Rams made with the New York Giants and followed each pick to their corresponding player. Here is what that trade looked like in terms of draft picks:

Okay. One team trades back while another team trades up. So what? Well, that's why I love reading Peter King's weekly Football Moring in America column. You see, King followed the trade all the way out to the players in question. Here is the excerpt about the Rams trade with the Giants:

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King's masterclass in draft trade dynamics

"Underrated trade of the weekend. The Rams, without a fourth-round pick entering the draft, sent a third-rounder, 73rd overall, to the Giants for picks 89 and 128. It’s number 128 that was the reason, but all were significant. At 73, the Giants took the fastest good receiver in the draft, Tennessee’s Jalin Hyatt, after missing out on wideouts in round one. At 89, the Rams began to replenish their depleted stock of defensive linemen, taking PFF darling Kobie Turner from Wake Forest.

Turner modeled his game after Aaron Donald, who texted his approval to Ram personnel people after the pick. At 128, GM Les Snead’s private passion player in this draft, Georgia QB Stetson Bennett, was the pick. The Rams expect the two-time national-champ QB to earn the backup job to Matthew Stafford in camp.

Stafford’s missed 16 starts in the last four seasons, so a solid backup for low money is a big piece—and a backup who’s won the biggest games in college football is a bonus, even at 5-11." - Per Peter King in his Nuggets of the Week section

Now, here is what the Rams trade with the Giants looks like in terms of players:

Now, after placing players' names into the mix rather than just generic picks, do you feel any better? The sentence that hooked me is this one:

"Stafford’s missed 16 starts in the last four seasons,"

So in my mind, getting a viable backup quarterback for the 2023 NFL season was not really an option, it was a must. And it was not a shock, as even we could sense the interest in a quarterback by the Rams on Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft.