How The Conductor conducts himself in 2024 will steer the Rams defense

Los Angeles Rams Kobie Turner
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With the 89th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, the LA Rams selected defensive tackle Kobie Turner from Wake Forest. That was a clear indication that the team's front office had done their homework. And as it turned out, many of the fans had not. Now, there is no need to protest or take offense, the front office had access to so many data points that many fans, even those who are amateur draft scouts, simply did not. As it turned out, the front office found a steal in the draft.

While I was not gifted with the foresight to anticipate Turner being selected by the team either, I quickly got on board after researching and learning as much about him as I could. Here is what I learned about the rookie defensive lineman who would star in his rookie season:

"Rookie defensive tackle Kobie Turner is a sponge, and the LA Rams Defensive Line Coach Eric Henderson has been custom-built for a guy like this. A master craftsman working with an adept apprentice. Turner is going to stand out again and again because he is learning from Coach Henny, from veteran Aaron Donald, and even from young players like Bobby Brown III."

Bret Stuter, Ramblin Fan

Kobie Turner, a.k.a. The Conductor, would go on to rock the NFL with a disguised ferocity that even shocked his coaches and teammates. All smiles on the sidelines and off the football field, his smile transformed into a snarl when he put his hand on the turf and focused ahead.

And now his focus is leading a very young group of defensive linemen in 2024.

Why The Conductor was built to lead Rams' defensive line

It may seem both odd and perhaps naive to expect the LA Rams defensive line to be led by NT/DT Kobie Turner in just his second NFL season, but who else can the team truly tap for that type of role in 2024? The team lost both All-Pro DT Aaron Donald and starting DE Jonah Williams, and the team's most veteran remaining player Bobby Brown III, has been struggling with injuries and setbacks throughout his NFL career.

Not only did Kobie Turner outperform expectations in his rookie season, but he put the entire NFL on notice. His best was yet to come. And the coaching staff shrewdly hitched the wagon to the true 2023 DROY to show up loud and proud in 2024.

And Kobie Turner is ready to deliver.

So how can a young man who has just shown up in 2023 be ready to lead the troops in 2024? Let's discuss some reasons why he is a natural to lead the defensive front: