How will revised 2024 NFL Draft picks alter Rams strategy?

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A month ago, the LA Rams were ranked as the team with the seventh-highest-valued arsenal of draft picks with an aggregate value of 915.7. Today, the LA Rams are ranked as the team with the ninth-highest-valued arsenal of draft picks with an aggregate value of 890.4. So, what happened?

What happened is that the projected awarded compensatory draft picks were formally awarded. In the process, the Rams projected compensatory draft picks of one pick in Round 5 and three picks in Round 6 actually became three picks in Round 6 and one pick in Round 7.

The Rams special awarded compensatory pick in Round 3 for the hire of Raheem Morris as the Atlanta Falcons new head coach did not change.

LA Rams updated 2024 NFL Draft picks

In terms of Top -100 value, the team improved ever so slightly. The compensatory pick in Round 3 was moved up from 100 to 98, which could be vital if the team has a coveted prospect on the board in Round 3.

Where the team's biggest tumble occurred was the removal of a compensatory pick in Round 5, and the addition of a compensatory pick in Round 7. While they were two separate picks, the net effect is the same as if they were one and the same. So here is the updated LA Rams draft picks for the 2024 NFL Draft.

  1. 19th overall - Round 1
  2. 52nd overall - Round 2
  3. 83rd overall - Round 3
  4. 98th overall - Round 3 (comp pick)
  5. 153rd overall - Round 5
  6. 154th overall - Round 5 (via Pittsburgh)
  7. 195th overall - Round 6 (via Denver)
  8. 209th overall- Round 6 (comp pick)
  9. 213th overall - Round 6 (comp pick)
  10. 217th overall - Round 6 (comp pick)
  11. 254th overall - Round 7 (comp pick)

So what stands out?

New strategies Rams must adopt after updated picks

The first change to the team's draft picks is the even greater gap in the heart of the the 2024 NFL Draft. We know that the Rams front office can be a sharpshooter on Day 3, particularly in Round 5 of the draft. But with the new updated picks, the team has gone from three to two Round 5 picks. While that may not feel like a great loss in terms of draft value, keep in mind that WR Puka Nacua was selected with the 177th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft. That is the pick lost when the projected compensatory picks were officially ratified for the 2024 NFL Draft

New strategy; Trading back is more likely to add an additional pick in Round 5

The second change to the team's draft picks is the fact that they only hold two picks out of the middle 100 selections made in this draft. From the 98th pick in Round 3, the Rams only step up to the podium twice before returning for the 195th pick. That is a long time to wait in a draft that is loaded with talent through at least the better part of Round 4.

New strategy: Trading back to fill the gap between the 98th overall and the 195th overall is more likely. Look for the team to trade back in Round 1 or 2, and pick up multiple picks early in Day 3. I expect the Rams to emerge with at least one pick in Round 4.

The third change to the team's draft picks is the presence of a pick in Round 7. While I originally did not view the team prioritizing a kicker in the 2024 NFL Draft with picks no later than Round 6, with a pick in Round 7, that is no longer likely to be the case.

New strategy: The Rams will draft a kicker with their Round 7 draft pick

What do you think? How do you view the updated draft picks in 2024 as changing the Rams draft strategy? Let us know in the comments section of our Facebook page.

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