Incredibly, this Rams mind-blowing pattern appears to be happening once more

Can the Rams 2023 fit a mind-blowing pattern of success that the team has found since hiring HC Sean McVay?

Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams, Matthew Stafford, Sean McVay / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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Rams roster improves with more experience

The LA Rams roster is not just new to the NFL, but new to the Rams coaches as well. That complicates the team in terms of how players are viewed by the coaches, how the coaches platoon players, and how the Rams design their plays to optimize the performance of the team. While the Rams have had erratic performances so far this season, it has not been all futility.

Even as players have made mental mistakes, it has served to highlight specific areas that the Rams coaches can address and reinforce in practice. And on a higher perspective, the Rams coaches themselves have learned what does and does not work for this team, We have cheered on as the Rams offense has won five games by committing to a rushing attack, which is something that the Rams are discovering to be a strength for the first time since RB Todd Gurley rushed for the Rams in 2018.

Rams rookies will lead the way

In the end, the Rams roster should be expected to improve dramatically as the season wears on. The Rams offense is led by the pass catching of rookie wide receiver Puka Nacua. The Rams ground assault is led by the running of second year running back Kyren Williams. And the Rams offensive line received a B-12 booster shot by drafting IOL Steve Avilla.

On defense, the story is much the same. The Rams are getting outstanding production from rookie outside linebacker Byron Young. And the powerful pass rush of rookie NT Kobie Turner, a young man who has already put up 4.0 quarterback sacks for this defense from the nose tackle position, You can thank the vigilance of third-year inside linebacker Ernest Jones for the cohesive manner in which this defense takes care of business.

This young Rams defense, almost entirely rebuilt this season from the ground up, has fought hard this season, and is currently the 16th-ranked defense in terms of points allowed. Even if the Rams do not compete in the post-season this year, the Rams have certainly given fans reason to be very optimistic for the future.