Initial Rams roster set with final 3 roster cuts, but more are coming

Robert Rochell Los Angeles Rams
Robert Rochell Los Angeles Rams / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Ah those wascally wabbits! If you were looking for the LA Rams to make it easy to identify their final three roster cuts, that didn't happen. Instead, the Rams batch processed today's roster cuts, forcing analysts and blogger to identify the additional names by subtraction. And if you were hoping for extra roster cuts that would leave a hint any anticipated additions to the Rams roster, none were present.

Instead, the final three players cut from the Rams roster were the least surprising of all: IOL Logan Bruss, DB Robert Rochelle, and WR Tyler Johnson.

Here is the official announcement:

In terms of who was cut, let's break it down for you:

III: Veteran WR Tyler Johnson

When the LA Rams signed veteran WR Tyler Johnson, it was not with the expectation that he would earn a spot on the Rams roster. Rather, the Rams front office was unable to add many rookie wide receivers, and Johnson's experience in the NFL merely raised the bar for the entire room. I would not be surprised to see him return via the Rams practice squad.

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II: DB Robert Rochell

It was crystal clear that veteran defensive back was in trouble this year when he was the only veteran on the Rams roster forced to compete for his job in preseason games. Not only that, but he did not seem to be even remotely competitive in the plays that I recollect. It's a shame that his development got derailed somehow, but his size and athleticism simply did not give him enough of an advantage to make his mark in the NFL here. Will he return on the Rams practice squad? I'm not sure. By now, the Rams have to have a good handle on whether or not he can cut the mustard in horns. I give him less than a 50/50 chance of signing on the Rams practice squad.

I: IOL Logan Bruss

As we had anticipated earlier today, second-year IOL Logan Bruss was clearly a not-ready-for-prime-time player. Bruss suffered a devastating injury as a rookie last season, fought back to secure his medical clearance, but in the process fell far behind his teammates. This year, signs of his struggles showed up as the Rams attempted to find a better positional fit.

In the end, the LA Rams only option and perhaps Logan Bruss's best course to reclaim his NFL career is to reset everything. By migrating to the Rams practice squad, Bruss will have the time and opportunity to gravitate back to his naturally optimal offensive line position. And his release now makes the Rams acquisition of Steelers guard Kevin Dotson perfectly understandable.

These cuts get the Rams to the 53-man limit, but without a placekicker and with only two quarterbacks on the Rams roster, you can bet that the Rams will continue to be quite active.

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As always, stay tuned . . .