Jared Goff contract foreshadows Rams' brewing Matthew Stafford problem

NFC Wild Card Playoffs, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford
NFC Wild Card Playoffs, Jared Goff, Matthew Stafford / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Et Tu, Brad Holmes?

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions' own quarterback situation has deep ties to the LA Rams. After all, Lions GM Brad Holmes was once a key executive in the personnel department with the Rams front office before accepting the GM role with the Detroit Lions. It was Holmes who negotiated the trade with his former team that sent veteran QB Matthew Stafford to the LA Rams in return for QB Jared Goff, a 2020 Round 3 pick, a 2021 Round 1 pick, and a 2022 Round 1 pick.

Since that trade, the two teams and the two quarterbacks have been linked.

So the recent NFL headlines made by the Detroit Lions over a new contract extension with starting quarterback Jared Goff is automatically bound to be compared to the Rams-Stafford current contract. So how much did Goff get in his latest extension?

Lions QB Jared Goff may have been ushered over to the Detroit Lions roster as a salary dump by the Rams, but he has been grafted to their roster and taken root. He has already won a playoff game for the Lions, something that Matthew Stafford had never done in a Lions uniform.

Now QB Jared Goff tops the charts as the highest paid Lions quarterback of all time. Holmes is not foolish. He knows that any and every subsequent NFL QB contract will be negotiated from the Goff extension. And it was common knowledge that the Rams faced contract negotiations with Stafford sooner than later. In the end, Holmes willingness to pay Goff tightens the thumbscrews on the Rams front office to pull off a new Stafford deal.