Just how drastic is this LA Rams remodel/rebuild anyway?

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Money matters make roster moves difficult

Finances surely are playing a part in the Rams' roster decisions, perhaps a greater part than we realize. Even as the Rams waived veteran OLB Leonard Floyd, the cuts went far deeper, as the team shed seven Reserve/Future players that just signed to the team two months earlier. Even more alarming, the Rams only tendered three of their young players, leaving such promising players as DT Marquise Copeland to worry if he will be re-signed by the team:

The LA Rams roster standing at 44 players on March 20, 2023, is a veritable field of land mines, folks. That's not hyperbole. It's just common sense. With so few players, how many starting positions are up in the air for 2023? Of 11 defensive starters for the Rams, I can only comfortably project four starters: DL Aaron Rodgers, OLB Michael Hoecht, ILB Ernest Jones, and DB Cobie Durant. And you could make an argument against either Hoecht or Durant, and you would have legitimate grounds to do so.

This May Shock You. LA Rams roster remains less than 50 percent filled with only $11 million to spend. dark

Is this a 2023 or 2024 strategy?

We will be looking at where the LA Rams offense stands for the time being, but without stealing my own thunder, the roster is in much better shape on the offensive side of the football. The reason is that the offense needs depth, and if forced to do so, the Rams have 11 offensive starters on the roster right now. The only starter who is no longer under contract right now is offensive guard David Edwards, and the Rams have multiple players who had opportunities at starting in 2022 to fill that role.

Even WR Allen Robinson remains on the Rams roster, and it may very well be that the two sides agree to work together in 2023 and see what happens. After all, there is little to no cap relief in any scenario that removes Robinson from the Rams in 2023. So however the Rams resolve the Allen Robinson problem will give evidence about the Rams ultimate strategy: If the Rams resolve Robinson's trade request by keeping him, then the Rams are focused on their salary cap overall. But if the Rams bite the bullet and part ways with Robinson, then the team is clearly aiming to clear the books for the 2024 NFL season.