KT Leveston has the perfect reaction to being selected by the Rams

KT Leveston Kansas State
KT Leveston Kansas State / Peter G. Aiken/GettyImages

The LA Rams needed time to address all their 2024 roster needs in the 2024 NFL Draft. So it comes as little surprise that the team needed to address their offensive line depth as late as Round 7 in the 2024 NFL Draft. But does a late Round 7 selection automatically discount the upside potential of the player selected with the 254th overall pick?

To sum it up, no way.

Keep in mind that this team's starting left tackle, Alaric Jackson, was signed to the team after the 2021 NFL Draft, thanks to an abundant rookie class of talented offensive linemen. Those same principles applied in the 2024 NFL Draft, and led to the drop of several offensive lineman in this draft. So why should Rams fans pay any heed to former Kansas State offensive lineman KT Leveston? For openers, because he is that good.

Tell me more about KT Leveston

If you buy into the trend of Rams offensive linemen getting bigger and stronger, then you have to be pleased with the addition of a 6-foot-4 326-pound offensive lineman who brings power, proficiency, and versatility to the offensive line. Described as a guy with a 'mean streak,' and 'maul-and-brawl mentality,' KT Leveston is a take no prisoners type of offensive lineman who is one more powerhouse who will be gnawing at the bit to get into the action.

Much of the success at competing in the NFL as an offensive lineman comes from the mental toughness of a barroom bouncer. The best players love to initiate contact, stay on their objectives, and decimate defenders on every single play.

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Even as Leveston arrives raw and in need of coaching and refinement of his techniques, he is bursting with brawler traits. He is the type of guy you need in a pinch and in dark alleys. He was projected to be selected far higher in the draft, which is always great news for a player selected in Round 7.

Doing OL depth the right way

While some fans scoff at late selections, I would not discount Leveston so hastily. If you consider the team's depth, the Rams depend far too heavily upon swing tackle Joe Noteboom to plug into roles vacated by injured players. But with Leveston, as well as rookie IOL Beaux Limmer, the team opens up new options.

If you factor in second year OT Warren McClendon and veteran OL Joe Noteboom, you could make an argument that a second-string offensive line comprised of KT Leveston, Joe Noteboom, Beaux Limmer, Grant Miller, and Warren McClendon make up an offensive line that could be very effective in the NFL. And they are all considered backups for the team at the moment.

After the struggles in 2022, the Rams front office has nailed the restocking of an offensive line. The team has been focused on improving blocking to the point where some talented linemen may find themselves on a roster bubble this season.

A perfect reaction for this offensive lineman

Sometimes, the placement of a rookie selection can take a toll on their enthusiasm. That is not the case for Kansas State offensive lineman KT Leveston. He found reason to be thrilled at his selection by the LA Rams in the most unique way:

It's never how you get there, it's what you do with the opportunity when you get there. While Leveston may appear to be a camp body to some skeptics, he is far more than that, I assure you. How can I tell so quickly?

When he said:

"Hey. Hey. Look at the pick - it say 2...5...4. That is where I am from, baby!"

KT Leveston

He claimed the LA Rams team as 'home.' That is a big deal because home is where you go to stay, not to visit or check in just to check out. Home is where you spend your time, stake your claim, and maintain. And KT Leveston's new NFL home is the LA Rams. KT Leveston lived for 18 years in Area Code 254.

The Rams have plenty of offensive linemen on the roster. Despite that, the front office decided to draft OL KT Leveston because he fits the team's new offensive lineman recipe for success. He is a passionate offensive lineman who knows and can slide into any role on the line and brings a level of confidence that he can get the job done.

He is enthusiastic and passionate about the game and can flip his switch from smiles and snarls when he steps onto the football field. Best of all, he will be doing all of this in The Horns.

As always, thank you so much for reading.