LA Rams awarded comp picks, and not where some expected

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There has been speculation over the LA Rams 2023 NFL Draft, particularly where the LA Rams may benefit from awarded compensatory draft picks. It's a tough matter to project because the experts have to make subjective assessments regarding where the cutoff will fall among contract values of free agents, and how those cutoffs will impact the algorithms used to determine when and how many compensatory draft picks are ultimately awarded.

The LA Rams have been a team that has been extremely difficult to assess in this years projected awarded compensatory 2023 NFL Draft picks. Originally, the Rams were thought to be in the running for two fifth-round comp picks, one sixth-round comp pick, and one seventh round comp pick. Then, the projections were modified, and the Rams were projected to be awarded on compensatory pick in each round of the draft through Rounds 4-7.

Well, both versions were wrong. Per ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the awarded compensatory picks were determined today, and as expected, the LA Rams were awarded the maximum number of four comp picks. But the rounds of where those compensatory picks will fall is a complete surprise.

Rams awarded four compensatory draft picks

So where do the LA Rams awarded compensatory draft picks fall?

The Rams have been award three comp picks in Round 5, and one comp pick in Round 7. The final estimated tally for the 2023 NFL Draft is as follows:

  • First round – 0 (none)
  • Second round – 1 (one)
  • Third round – 1 (one)
  • Fourth-round – 0 (none)
  • Fifth-round – 3 (three)
  • Sixth-round – 3 (three)
  • Seventh-round – 2 (two)
  • Total 2023 NFL Draft picks– 10 (Ten)

While the LA Rams lose out on a Round 4 pick, the team has plenty of firepower with eight of ten picks all falling in the final three rounds of the 2023 NFL Draft. The LA Rams may rule Day 3 of the 2023 NFL Draft, which is not a bad deal with such a deeply talented rookie draft class.

Of course, with today's updated information, the LA Rams mock drafts will all need to be recast, as there is a significant difference in choosing at the end of Round 4 versus multiple times at the end of Round 5. I believe that, now that the LA Rams do not have a draft pick in Round 4, the scenario of trading back from either their second or third-round picks is far more likely.

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The LA Rams have ten picks in the 2023 NFL Draft. But as of right now, the Rams have one fewer pick in Round 4 and Round 6, and two more picks in Round 5, than originally expected.