LA Rams claim promising DB off NFL waiver wire, which could be habit forming this season

Michigan Vincent Gray
Michigan Vincent Gray / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages

The LA Rams love to use the NFL waiver wire. Not only do the Rams coaching staff seem to provide a much better second chance that many expect from players who have bee waived, but the Rams front office seems to be much better offer stepping in to a contract that some other team has authored, rather than trying to get a deal done from scratch.

And so, the LA Rams released an undrafted rookie from Boston College named Jaiden Woodbey and were awarded a new defensive back Vincent Gray off waivers from the New Orleans Saints. Since the Rams will have preferential treatment with the NFL Waiver Wire until games get underway, you can reasonably expect the Rams to make a habit of claiming a player off the NFL Waiver Wire throughout the 2023 NFL season for as long as they can.

On this occasion, the Rams were wise to put in that claim, and here's why:

Vincent Gray is a 2022 rookie who was a member of the New Orleans Saints roster throughout 2022 on their practice squad. Because he was on the Saints practice squad for a year, he arrives with a bit more savvy and refinement than you see from a standard rookie. So let's dive into some detailes about the Rams newest addititon to the secondary:

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To get those optimistic juices flowing, let's get right to some of the good stuff. DB Vincent Gray stands 6-foot-2 and weighs 192 pounds. That's a great height to compete with receivers in the NFL in pass defense. He has great balance and footwork and can play press-man coverage very well. He is an ideal size to play outside cornerback and even offers strong run support. Best of all, he was projected to be a Day 3 rookie who fell out of the draft last season, signed by the Saints as an undrafted rookie free agent.

In three preseason games for the Saints in 2022, Gray was a picture of consistency, recording two tackles in each game for six total tackles and one as a tackle for a loss. He also managed to record one pass defense as well.

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While his performance with the Saints did not land him a spot on their active roster, he has the makings of a strong competitor for a slot on the Rams roster. The LA Rams have cleared the house of starting defensive backs from 2022, and must now reassemble a cohesive group who can develop quickly to form a competitive secondary. Gray has the potential to be a member of that secondary.

Right now, the LA Rams roster is the Land of Opportunity for young players seeking to start a long and productive NFL career. I would not be the least bit surprised if DB Vincent Gray grabs that opportunity and takes it as far as he can.