LA Rams DB Rapp and DL Robinson are drawing NFL interest

Taylor Rapp
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The LA Rams are entering the second wave of the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, and have yet to sign a new player to their roster. Is that cause for alarm?

Well, if you haven't been following the latest trends in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market, NFL teams are pivoting from the most expensive free agents on the market, to the players who have the most value. And as teams do so, more and more of the LA Rams former players begin to appear on their radar.

Whether by choice or by circumstances beyond their control, the LA Rams have not exactly been putting up much of a fiscal fight to retain players. So far, the LA Rams have lost five of their 2022 key contributors to another team, and that number may increase quickly in the second wave of NFL Free Agency signings.

There are already signs of interest in LA Rams players intensifying now. As the first weekend of the NFL Free Agency market arrived, the Rams rumors indicated that the team's safety tandem of Nick Scott and Taylor Rapp were spending time visiting a number of NFL teams. That turned into a new contract for Nick Scott, who agreed to play for the Cincinnati Bengals for the next three seasons.

Time to replenish their stakes

But the LA Rams have played their hand at the gambling table for the past six seasons, and have done pretty well for themselves over their first five seasons, the Rams competed in postseason four times, were the NFC Western Division Champions three times, the NFC Champions twice, and the NFL Champions once. That's a incredible run of success, and it's one that is nothing to be ashamed of, nor offer reason for doubt now. It was incredible.

But every gambler knows that at some point, the time comes to push away from the table and replenish the stake. Whether that means gainful employment to earn wages, calling the bank to withdraw funds from the trust account, or marketing to sponsors, the result is the same. The funds, the resources, need to be replenished.

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To make room for the new growth, the LA Rams are undertaking an extensive pruning of the roster. Or rather the team is simply letting the 2023 NFL Free Agency market do its thing, luring Rams players to sign with other teams for more lucrative contracts than the LA Rams can afford, or are willing to pay. That is where the LA Rams are right now.