LA Rams fighting back to even their record in Week 15

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Matthew Stafford, Kyren Williams / Todd Olszewski/GettyImages

If you want to focus on the areas that need improving for the LA Rams after completing one half of football in a Week 15 game against the visiting Washington Commanders, we can list those problematic areas out for you. And yes, it's plural.

One again, the LA Rams offense opened with a solid drive to the red zone with a mixture of passes and runs. But the LA Rams reverted back to a strategy that was unsuccessful last week. The Rams got to the red zone and then flipped to three straight passes. That wa the case in this game as well. After a Kyren Williams run for six yards that left the Rams with a second down and one yard to go at the Washington Commanders 10-yard line, the Rams opted for four straight passes that only advanced the football to the four-yard line.

The Rams had to settle for a field goal.

Kyren can't control the pigskin

So what was the other problem? Until this game, LA Rams RB Kyren Williams had carried the football 194 times, and not turned the ball over once. He carried the ball 12 times in the first half for 81 yards and a touchdown. But, he has lost the handle on the football twice.

Two lost fumbles in one game typically means bad news for the LA Rams, right? Not so much in this game. The Rams defense has played outstanding in this one. Despite two turnovers, the Rams defense has not allowed the Commanders to mount any consistent offensive drive yet.

Meanwhile, the Rams offense feels very much like everything is going their way, despite the Kyren Williams fumbles. Matthew Stafford appears to be throwing with surgical precision. Of course, that has been the case all season whenever the Rams get RB Kyren Williams on track running the football.

The Rams have opened up a huge lead. Just after the half, the Rams scored on a huge 62-yard touchdown pass to WR Cooper Kupp. With the Rams appearing to take control in this game, will the Rams send QB Carson Wentz onto the football field to clean up the final minutes?

Commanders 0
Rams 20

One can only hope, right? But you also have to wonder how long the Rams will play Aaron Donald in this game if the score holds or improves for the Rams too. He is nursing a sore groin injury, and you have to believe that he will rest if the game allows.