LA Rams got this outstanding NFL player's career back on track, and he's no QB

The LA Rams had success in helping veteran QB Baker Mayfield get back on track in 2022. But the same Rams are having success restoning the career of a player on the other side of the football, and it's all thanks to DB coach Aubrey Pleasant.

Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams, Aubrey Pleasant
Baltimore Ravens v Los Angeles Rams, Aubrey Pleasant / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

While the LA Rams may not have had a plan in place beyond trading away All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, one thing was certain. Ramsey deserved to compete for another NFL Championship, and the Rams were willing to place that level of competition on the backburner while the team sorted out reforming a strong foundation for the Rams roster.

So far, the LA Rams personnel execs have to be slapping one another on the back and congratulating every one for a job well done. After all, not only did the Rams rookie class of 2023 result in at least six starters for this team, but the addition of some veteran free agents on team-friendly contracts has been very good for the team this season as well.

One such NFL free agent veteran who has played far beyond expectations is defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon. While the LA Rams had no clear successor in the secondary to take over for Ramsey, the Rams front office stumbled onto Witherspoon and never have a reason to second guess themselves.

Rams and Witherspoon both shared uncertain futures

Curiously, in a recent interview with LA Rams reporter and play caller, J.B. Long, Witherspoon revealed that his future in the NFL was as uncertain as the Rams future in the secondary. He related that he was fully prepared to hang up his football cleats and apply to medical school. Thankfully, the LA Rams showed interest, and signed Witherspoon to one more season in the NFL:

While there are seven more games to play, it's clear that the LA Rams got more than enough value out of defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon to consider him a priority candidate for a contract extension to keep him with the LA Rams for the foreseeable future.

The LA Rams had remarkable success in polishing the career of quarterback Baker Mayfield in 2022. Fueled by that success, the Rams have signed veteran free agent quarterback Carson Wentz in a low-risk high-reward gamble that could open up the possibility of the Rams extending Wentz for the foreseeable future after 2023.

But Witherspoon's success proves that the LA Rams have the ability to put players' careers back on track on both sides of the football. It's that type of reputation that will help the Rams front office attract and sign quality veterans in the future.