LA Rams have no shortage of team chemistry right now

Puka Nacua, Steve Avila, Los Angeles Rams
Puka Nacua, Steve Avila, Los Angeles Rams / Sean M. Haffey/GettyImages

The LA Rams got it. Do other NFL teams?

What is the most difficult element to anticipate whenever an NFL team's front office begins the task of reconstruction the new version of the team? While we as NFL fans ignore this simple matter, we has laborers, office staff, and even executives understand that much of what goes write in any work environment is about the chemistry of the team.

Was that a priority on the for the front office in reassembling the Rams roster in 2023? If so, it worked.

If the chemistry is right, no challenge is insurmountable. People arrive early, linger longer, laugh loudly, and it's all good because deadlines are met, goals are exceeded, and it seems that everyone is willing to pitch in. The challenges that do arise are smaller in impact and are addressed more effectively and quickly because everyone chips in.

Best of all, when you have a team that likes one another, they begin to hang out with the crowd at social events, for an after-work aperitif, or simply a pizza with some suds to wash it all down.

Something like the young LA Rams players are doing and enjoying right now.

It was a pretty memorable night for three of the LA Rams rookie starters, as LG Steve Avila, WR Puka Nacua, and NT Kobie Turner all had an incredible night out to cheer on the LA Kings. And Kobie Turner, who is also known as The Conductor, wowed audiences and went viral thanks to a stunning rendition of the National Anthem before the game got underway.

Avila and Nacua showed up to support their teammate in his musical performance debut, and the group clearly had a blast that will leave lifelong memories.

The Rams team, forged out of necessity, became a tightly-knit group because nobody believed in these guys except for themselves, the coaching staff, and the Rams organization. And trust has a way of snowballing, just ask any former military member if he can trust his or her fellow veterans, and I'll wager you will get a very consistent and positive response.

Because the Rams purposefully rebuilt the team on the backs of so many young players, they also galvanized the players to form tighter-than-typical bonds with one another. It's nearly like a family, but one without the baggage of growing up together.

It's team chemistry, and the LA Rams are burying the needle on it right now. That makes life easier for the Rams efforts to improve in 2024. Well, as long as the team can keep this incredible chemistry peaking, that is.