LA Rams HC Sean McVay earns a new title: "Daddy"

Amidst a challenging 2023 NFL season, the LA Rams announce the birth of Sean and Veronika McVay's baby: Jordan John McVay

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams
Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

Even as the LA Rams continue to fight, scratch, claw, and compete through a challenging 2023 NFL season, life outside of football continues on. Live, as we all know all too well, can come with deep disappointments as well as joyous surprises. As each of us plods along our journey, the truth is that we can find ourselves caught up in the distractions of news, activism, and the world condition, but forego the fact that we have the ability to make a difference simply be becoming the change that we want in the world around us.

Our lives are not alone. We are merely links of life that connect our parents' generation to that of our children who will come after us. And that next generation of children to follow has a new participant. He is Jordan John McVay, and he has been born today, October 25, 2023, to the proud parents Sean and Veronika McVay:

So what does that have to do with football and the NFL?

How things change with baby number one

For those who have never experienced your first baby, this could all be news to you. To those of us who have been blessed with the arrival of our first child, this will all be known information. But for Sean and Veronika McVay, let me portray the new conditions of life that awaits them.

Gone are the days of eating, relaxing, and even sleeping at the discretion of Sean or Veronika. Newly arrived Jordan John McVay will take charge of the family schedule, That means midnight feedings, instantaneous diaper changing, some form of shared mommy-daddy responsibilities that changes everything.

Still, what does that have to do with football? I'm getting to that... lol.

New responsibilities at home dilute and distract from responsibilities at the office. For a midnight oil burner like Coach McVay, efficiency with the time spent with the Rams will supercede spending more time with the team. There will be a new and prevalent priority in Sean McVay's life, and that will include diverting time away from the Rams to provide nurturing care to his newborn son.

Most of all, there will not be a moment in Sean McVay's life over the next two or three years where his mind is not on his newborn son. It's simply natural and unavoidable.

How will this impact the very passionate and intense Sean McVay's ability to coach the LA Rams? In all honesty, I expect it to be a blessing in disguise. While the Rams had to face questions about a future without Coach McVay twice in the past two seasons, those scenarios transpired out of differing circumstances.

This time, the event is about a growing McVay family. Who knows? In 21 years, the Rams may be draft Jordan McVay to the Rams roster?