LA Rams: It was a hard day's night for a weary Rams roster

LA Rams, Los Angeles Airport
LA Rams, Los Angeles Airport / Mario Tama/GettyImages

Losing a game in the heart of the nation was bad enough for the LA Rams. But the ordeal was not over with the final whistle in that game. In many ways, the nightmare night for the LA Rams coaches and players were just beginning.

A normal flight from Detroit, Michigan to Los Angeles, California is not an all-day adventure. But ignoring head winds, weather conditions, and the occasional long length of time to board passengers, a normal flight between the two cities from takeoff to touchdown takes about five and a half hours.

For the LA Rams, that would have seemed like a blink of an eye compared to how long it required the team to arrive back in Los Angeles.

Thanks to plane issues, and the difficulty to get back into the queue once the original takeoff time was extensively delayed, the Rams did not arrive home until well into the morning hours the next day. And speaking from first-hand experience from flying plenty of red-eye flights from Anchorage, Alaska to destinations across the lower-48 states, lengthy flights at night are not something you want after a grueling night of playing NFL Playoff-caliber football.

If there is a silver lining to be had, it is fortunate that the Rams roster was not forced to turn around and prepare for the Divisional Round of the 2024 NFL Playoffs. But I would be willing to be that the entire Rams roster would be willing to sacrifice a few hours of sleep if that would allow the team to advance to the next round of post-season competition.

We will have plenty to discuss in the days and weeks ahead. The LA Rams were very impressive in their 10-7 record for the 2023 NFL season. But with the season now officially in the record books, the Rams, and Rams fans, but turn their attention to the 2024 NFL season. Some major changes on the Rams coaching staff are already underway.

After the way the Rams performed in 2023, I can guarantee that you won't want to miss the upcoming season.