LA Rams season just ended, and the coaching staff already has a vital void to fill

Aaron Donald, Eric Henderson, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Eric Henderson, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

You can talk about the LA Rams team and the amazing season that unfolded in 2023. This team was nothing short of spectacular as the season played out, with the LA Rams discovering that even young players, even rookies, could compete in horns at an elite level.

Still, rookies do not arrive in the NFL with an intrinsic knowledge about the life, or the responsibilities, of competing at the level of professional football. To develop young players quickly, the LA Rams have hired only the best coaches in football, both at the collegiate and professional levels, to get the job done. Perhaps the premier positional coach on the LA Rams coaching staff, since hiring him in 2019, is former Rams DL Coach/Run Game Coordinator, Eric Henderson.

But as is the case with so many players he has coached, mentored, and befriended in their NFL careers, Coach Henny has the opportunity to grow, and he is taking it:

Coach Eric Henderson has been one of our favorite coaches, as well as one of the favorite coaches of the Rams coaching staff to all Rams fans. He is the founding father of #DAWGWORK, the mantra that has become a trademark of the Rams' entire defense. It identifies and acknowledges the necessity of defensive linemen, and any NFL football player, to find success by embracing the hard work required to achieve an elite level of performance.

Discipline, Attitude, Work ethic, and Grit become the foundation for the Rams defensive front, and the result has been one of the NFL's top performing units and groups of players in the NFL. Now., that powerful impact of changing the course of young men's lives will be taking up a new residence, on the coaching staff of USC.

USC is proud to announce the hire, as Coach Eric Henderson is nothing short of a celebrity in football circles. Coach Henny brings not only instantaneous grit and toughness to the USC coaching staff, but his name recognition and personable nature, as well and his elite motivational skills, will help the USC defense to become one of the NCAA's elite defenses nationally.

Coach Eric Henderson was one of the coaches that the LA Rams could not afford to lose. He has been a pillar of dependability on a coaching staff that has been ravaged at the end of each season. Now, the Rams must find his successor.

Coach Eric Henderson is not 'just a coach,' to me or my staff. He has been a positive force in my own personal life. He regularly read our articles, especially the ones featuring his players or himself, and was keen to point out corrections, but generous with his compliments. He never saw himself as a guy who was above a casual conversation, but was never short of positivity or expertise.

The USC Football program did not get a good coach for their team. USC hired the best man for the job. I personally want to thank Coach Henny for his work with the LA Rams football team, and for his positive impact on my own life and the life of the contributors at Ramblin Fan.

And ultimately I have to wonder. How in the world can the LA Rams fill the shoes of this man?