LA Rams Jimmy Lake and Aubrey Pleasant have made secondary the primary weapon

Jimmy Lake Washington
Jimmy Lake Washington / Steph Chambers/GettyImages

As soon as the LA Rams traded away All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey, the message appeared to be loud and clear. The LA Rams would be willing to play sub-.500 football over the 2023 NFL season, and simply aim to compete in 2024 or beyond. The Rams' roster did not stop there. The team allowed starting safeties Taylor Rapp and Nick Scott to sell their wares in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market.

The Rams also allowed veteran cornerbacks Troy Hill and David Long Jr. to peddle their services in the 2023 NFL Free Agency market as well. The LA Rams were not fooling around with carrying some vestiges of their 2022 veterans forward.

Rams No Name secondary is back, if only for Week 1.

Can LA Rams secondary keep this pace up?

The challenge with reading too much into any Week 1 performance is the lack of other data. With just one game, how can anyone be sure that the outcome was based on the high-quality of one team, the low-quality of the other team, or just one of those fluke of random chance that are simply unexplainable.

The Rams secondary had a good game in Week 1. Okay, I'm lying. The truth of the matter is that the LA Rams secondary had a phenomenal performance in Week 1. Not only did the Rams' secondary hold Seattle Seahawks starting quarterback Geno Smith to just 112 passing yards, But after taking a one-point lead to open the second half, the defense only allowed 12 yards total for the Seahawks offense.

Now, the Rams secondary will fact an even greater challenge, going up against heavy favorite, the San Francisco 49ers:

So how are these LA Rams doing it? How have the LA Rams mixed up the defensive back room with so many young players to come up with a well-constructed and communicative secondary?

If you ask Rams safety Jordan Fuller, you will agree that it's the love and respect for LA Rams DC Raheem Morris:

Fine. But hugging it out won't stop determined offenses. That's where LA Rams Assistant Head Coach Jimmy Lake and DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant come in. Both coaches have a long and successful track record of aggressive and productive secondaries, and the LA Rams defensive backs appear to be on track to continue that track record.

One game does not a successful season make. But the early results are very promising. We will know much more about the state of the Rams' secondary, and the defense overall, in the LA Rams Week 2 showdown with the San Francisco 49ers. While the LA Rams are a home underdog in this one, a Week 2 win will change the outlook of this young team completely.