LA Rams jumped the gun trading DB Jalen Ramsey to Dolphins

Jalen Ramsey
Jalen Ramsey / Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL trade rumors that have focused on LA Rams veteran defensive back Jalen Ramsey have been talked about for weeks. Despite the denial of some unhappy fans, those rumors ultimately became a reality. The LA Rams have shipped off All-Pro defensive back Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins in return for a 2023 third-round pick (77th overall) and TE Hunter Long.

While this was a day most of us anticipated, I believe that I can speak for many Rams fans when I say that we didn't want to see Ramsey go. He has been a big focal point and leader on this Rams' defense and still is considered one of the best cornerbacks in football. From what the Rams received, the trade had an apparent salary dump component by LA Rams GM Les Snead and the Rams. Said another way, as the return from the Dolphins is embarrassing.

Rams could have taken their time and found a better trade

Since the Ramsey trade rumors started swirling, Rams fans wondered what they could get for the All-Pro cornerback. Even though most of us didn't want to see him leave, we expected a trade involving at least one first-round pick, other draft capital, and possibly a player to help the Rams in return. Instead, it feels like the Rams rushed to get a deal done, and they got fleeced because of it. So now we asked ourselves why do this trade when you could have sent Ramsey elsewhere.

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One team that has been talked about maybe making a run for Ramsey was the Detroit Lions. The up-and-coming team needs help on the defensive side of the ball and they have two first-round picks in the upcoming draft (6th and 18th overall), and that could have been a way the Rams could have gone. Asking for the 18th overall pick and maybe even their third-round pick (81st overall) would have been a solid trade to get draft capital that is warranted for a guy with Ramsey's talent.

Another team that the Rams could have talked to is the New England Patriots. Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick is a defensive-minded coach, and Ramsey could have taken that defense to the next level. Also, the AFC East has some tremendous wide receivers to deal with, forcing the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills' defense to upgrade to the level of the New York Jets and Buffalo Bills. A trade for Ramsey could have kept them up with the Joneses.

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There is no question that the LA Rams could have taken this slower and found a better deal with other teams with better draft capital and more to offer. I understand that the Miami Dolphins are the team that Ramsey wanted, the result gives the appearance that the Rams hastily left some value at the trade table, and this trade will keep fans infuriated for a long time.