4 LA Rams players that won't survive roster cuts

LA Rams, Royce Freeman
LA Rams, Royce Freeman / Kiyoshi Mio-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Desjuan Johnson, DL

It is typically rare for a current-year draft pick to not make a final roster, but in this case, Rams seventh-round rookie Desjuan Johnson appears to be in line to have that happen. He should wind up being a practice squad candidate, though, which will allow the Rams to further develop him into a possible future piece to this defense.

As for the starters and reserves who will make the roster, it obviously begins with the All World talent, Aaron Donald. No one knows when Donald will choose to call it quits, but so long as he is in the building, this defense always has a fighting chance to make something happen.

Other than Donald, the Rams will keep Bobby Brown III and Marquise Copeland as the other two starters on the defensive line. Behind those three, Los Angeles should end up retaining veterans Earnest Brown IV and Jonah Williams, along with rookie third-round pick Kobie Turner.

As stated, that would leave Johnson as the first man cut from the group. Hopefully, he clears waivers and the Rams are able to stash him. It would be a shame to see another team swoop in and take his potential from Los Angeles.