LA Rams RB Cam Akers is stunned at latest wave of NFL rumors

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II: Trade talks warrant sitting the player

Of course, with every sudden surprise, it's human nature to create a vast array of imaginative and speculative situations to explain not only the latest information but to ensure that any future developments can be quickly and easily categorized properly. One such category that not only describes the latest developments but adds a pattern for new data, is a possible trade of Cam Akerrs by the LA Rams.

Does a trade scenario hold up to the facts as we know them? So far, yes. It's common practice for an NFL team to sit any players who are named in potential trades. Traditionally, that is often reserved for one of two situations:

The first is when the player or agent demands to be traded (which we have ruled out - see above). While this is not likely to be the case, that is not the case for the Indianapolis Colts and their devolving relationship with their running back, Jonathan Taylor. Taylor was allowed to seek a trade, and he has yet to play for the Colts.

The second scenario is when inquiries into a possible trade appear to have some possibility of resulting in a successfully negotiated exchange between two or more teams. We know that the LA Rams were one of two teams that sought to trade for then-Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey. The Rams lost out to the San Francisco 49ers, who traded second, third-, fourth, and fifth-round picks to acquire McCaffrey.

Have the LA Rams entered the Jonathan Taylor sweepstakes? It certainly fits their modus operandi, doesn't it? And it was less than one year ago that the Rams chased the dream of adding McCaffrey.