NFL Rumors: Rams and Cam feuding again? Are LA Rams looking to upgrade at running back?

LA Rams Cam Akers
LA Rams Cam Akers / Alika Jenner/GettyImages

The LA Rams have been down this road before, so I will not embellish the latest round of NFL rumors. But here are the facts. This round of NFL rumors comes to us from NFL Insider Jay Glazer, and the word is that Rams running back Cam Akers may be on his way out of Los Angeles once more.

No, this is neither a dream nor a lousy cup of coffee. Rams rumors over the long-term relationship between RB Cam Akers and the LA Rams are very much in question.


Before we run down this rabbit hole, let's cite what we know:

Just the facts, ma'am

Fact I: The Rams did have a dispute with Cam Akers in 2022, causing the Rams to bench Akers as the team and Akers' agent attempted to find a trade partner.

Fact II: When no trade partner could be identified, the Rams and Cam Akers reconciled, and Akers returned to the Rams lineup.

Fact III: Behind a makeshift offensive line, RB Cam Akers finished out the 2022 NFL season with three consecutive 100+ yard games. That led to the belief that Akers could be a strong competitor for a leading rusher this season.

Fact IV: The Rams drafted RB Zach Evans, and eventually signed free agent running back Royce Freeman. The LA Rams running back room may never have been filled with so many talented rushers since hiring Head Coach Sean McVay.

Fact V: Similar to the early going in 2022, Cam Akers' performance in Week 1 was disappointing. He rushed 22 times for 29 yards and one touchdown. While eight of thos rushes were in the late stages of the game against the Seattle Seahawks, and were intended solely to run time off the game clock, the performance opened the door for Akers to be demoted to a backup running back role going forward.

Fact VI: Week 2 and Cam Akers is a healthy scratch. The Rams did activate veteran running back Royce Freeman off the Rams practice squad, suggesting that his is not a knee-jerk reaction to events on Sunday morning. Rather, the LA Rams have known about this for a couple of days.

Speculation will run wild, and already has. We'll cover what reasons could be behind this situation. But we can say that this is a rapidly developing story that will need to bear monitoring very closely.