LA Rams rookie ILB Omar Speights' stock is rising rapidly to make 53-man roster

Omar Speight's draft stock tumbled after injury in 2023. Now, healthy once more, his stock is rising rapidly to make the 53-man LA Rams roster.
LSU, Omar Speights
LSU, Omar Speights / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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I admittedly loved the signing of former LSU inside linebacker Omar Speights after the 2024 NFL Draft. In fact, he instantly became one of the top undrafted rookie college prospects to make the Rams roster this season. That is due to the fact that he is an accomplished and talented college football player who fits a need on the LA Rams roster. When talent meets opportunity and fit, good things are bound to happen.

After the draft concluded and the team rounded out the roster with more rookies, we doubled down on our enthusiasm and support of rookie ILB Omar Speights by naming him as one of three 2024 sleepers from the Rams rookie class who could have a material role to play this season. And while my support has not generated much buzz, it may have attracted the attention of The Draft Network's Justin Melo, who is firmly onboard the Omar Speight bandwagon:

How good can this young man be in the NFL? Well, it depends on whose opinion you may value. You see, Justin Melo is a highly regarded NFL draft analyst who also has his own rather noteworthy followers. One such venerable draft sultan is the Senior Bowl Director himself, Jim Nagy, a football aficionado whose endorsement carries a great deal of weight with NFL scouts, personnel executives, and even GMs.

Nagy shared that just one year ago, Speights was getting mocked as early as Round 1 in 2024 mock drafts. So why did he fall out of the draft to be signed by the Rams? Well, Speights dominated in the PAC-10 in four seasons leading the Oregon State Beavers defense both on the football field and in production.

His final season of NCAA eligibility was spent playing for the LSU Tigers, a season that did not result in an explosion of stats and college football notoriety. While his 70 tackles were solid enough, they did not match expectations of a defensive giant playing for a defensive giant.

Let's explore what other factors likely contributed to his demise, and why that is likely an overreaction by some draft boards: