LA Rams roster cuts continue with this safety, but rumors suggest he will sign to the practice squad

Tanner Ingle Los Angeles Rams
Tanner Ingle Los Angeles Rams / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

The LA Rams roster may not be at the final goal of 53 players, but that is the direction that it is heading. After releasing rookie DT Taron Vincent, the Rams doubled down by releasing the second player. Once more, the Rams are releasing a defensive player. This time, the rookie being released is Tanner Ingle, a 5-foot-10 186-pound defensive back who hails from NC State and has all of the raw talents to make an impact in the NFL someday.

But in the tight race to get to a 53-man roster, it seems that 'raw,' is indeed the operative word. The LA Rams roster needs active contributors, so there is no room on the team to carry a developmental prospect.

There may be room on the Ram's practice squad, and the Rams rumors are that if he clears waivers, that is where the Rams would love to see him end up.

We featured Tanner Ingle earlier in the season, and you can refresh your knowledge about Ingle and his fit on the Rams by clicking this link here. Ingle is a physical defensive back who is especially in his comfort zone in the box, where he can wreak havoc on opposing quarterbacks or running backs attempting to burst through an open running lane.

Ingle has already blipped on the Rams radar, recording one of the few quarterback sacks for the Rams defense in preseason. He blitzed Chargers quarterback Maxx Duggan in Game 1 of the Rams preseason, and got a quarterback sack on the play.

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While he may not be refined enough for Prime Time just yet, he is an energetic and intriguing rookie who could benefit a great deal by developing at his pace on the Rams practice squad. And hopefully, that is exactly how this story will turn out.