LA Rams roster needs leadership from these 3 players

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III: John Johnson III on secondary

Before the LA Rams signed veteran defensive back John Johnson III, the team was all set to look to veteran defensive back Jordan Fuller to help lead the Rams' pass defense and secondary through the 2023 NFL season. But the unshakeable question was: Who would Jordan Fuller look to? After all, the young defensive back was only entering his fourth NFL season, but he had durability issues. In fact, he was coming off a 2022 NFL season in which he was injured for most of the season.

That was a plan that was heading for disaster.

But with the return of the talented and gifted John Johnson III, the Rams will be looking to upgrade their backend pass defense, while continuing to rely upon run support.

Of course, that plan will only work if the Rams agree to start JJIII. which is not necessarily a done deal. After all, the savvy veteran joined the Rams roster late in the game, and he will need to get up to speed for the Rams in order to earn his starting role. Of course, the competition for the Rams starting safety roles include Jordan Fuller, as well as second-year defensive back Russ Yeast and Quentin Lake.

Because the Rams have surrendered the chances of earning an berth in the NFL Playoffs this season for a chance to compete in postseason next season, the Rams front office would love Yeast and Lake to win the competition for playing time outright. But like anyone who is taking a trip to unfamiliar territory, their progress will be much more effective in the presence of the right guide.

John Johnson III excelled for the LA Rams at the safety position not so long ago. I have to believe that, once he has acclimated to the Rams defense, he will step up and fill that role once more.