LA Rams Roster update: Bolstering DL by adding NFL executive son

Ohio State Taron Vincent
Ohio State Taron Vincent / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

The LA Rams didn't have to waive players to make room for new additions to the team, but that is the path that the Rams front office has chosen to take before training camp gets underway. The LA Rams, fortunately, did follow up those waivers with additions to the Rams roster, and the fans did not need to wait very long for that to happen.

The Rams replaced the waived defensive end/fullback Matthew Jester with Ohio State defensive lineman Taron Vincent, who is the son of former five-time NFL Pro Bowler and former Philadelphia Eagles defensive back Troy Vincent. Yes, that is the same Troy Vincent who is currently the Executive Vice President of Football Operations for the NFL.

One of the excellent qualities of the LA Rams is the consistent and dependable process of DL Coach Eric Henderson, and his now famous #DAWGWORK mantra, churning out NFL-ready defensive linemen regardless of when or if they were drafted. Two of those players, OLB Michael Hoecht and DE Jonah Williams, signed with the Rams after the 2020 NFL Draft and are both projected to make significant contributions to the defense this season. Another player, DT Marquise Copeland, was signed to the team after the 2019 NFL Draft.

Coach Henny knows how to pick NFL defensive linemen

That's three players on the LA Rams roster who never heard their name called during the NFL Draft who are projected to make the 53-man active Rams roster. Could Taron Vincent be number four?

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Vincent is a player who has an incredible football heritage but has not quite mastered his positional role in the NFL just yet. That's perfectly okay, A year ago, the LA Rams claimed DL Larrell Murchison, who promptly arrived and put up two quarterback sacks so quickly that he appeared to be a veteran in this Rams defensive front.

While I would not project VIncent to make an immediate contribution, I do believe that he may very likely end up on the Rams 16-player practice squad. He has a tremendous work ethic, has the ability to gobble up blockers to free up his teammates to make plays, and is very twitchy on the defensive line.

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I know that if he has made it this far, Coach Henny has given his seal of approval, and that is enough for me. Yes, he has a lot of competition ahead of him, but Taron Vincent has competed and won playing time in the past. This is just the next chapter of his NFL career.