LA Rams rumors: Steelers fleece Rams, leaving Rams O crippled for 2023

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Rams rumors: Steelers trading for WR Allen Robinson

The LA Rams gave Robinson permission to seek a trade, and to date that had not seemed to attract much interest. But the reputation of the 2023 NFL Draft class at wide receiver depth has not been great, and the veteran free agents at WR were not strong either. The LA Rams had reason to wait for the right offer from the right team, and it now seems at though that gamble has paid off.

Rams rumors over an imminent deal to trade Robinson to the Pittsburgh Steelers appeared and have been confirmed by multiple reports today.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are an interesting landing site for Robinson, as they have a history of valuing those tough-minded receivers who can win contested catches and who do not shy away from contact on the football field. At this point, the Steelers have been granted the opportunity to give Robinson a physical. If he passes the physical, expectations are that he will, he will be playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers this season.

dark. This is interesting. We've heard the LA Rams plan. Now does it hold water?

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And it does appear that the Steelers will add a veteran offensive weapon for the 2023 NFL season.

The story was even featured on the Pat McAfee Show, and the staff are giving this move by the Steelers two thumbs up.

Keep in mind that this move is occurring just nine days before the 2023 NFL Draft. What might the Rams look for in return? Well, the Rams did 'hint' that they would be willing to help out with Robinsons salary cap impact, which is a way of saying 'you can buy down his salary with added draft compensation,' similar in the way the Rams added a third-round pick to the mix with the Denver Broncos to get Von Miller's cap impact down to next to nothing.

The Rams have touted hitting a huge salary cap number of available spending cash for the 2024 NFL season, and to hit that mark, the Rams have to part ways with Robinson this season. Now that it appears more likely than not that Robinson is gone, we have to pause and consider what the trade means for the Rams overall for 2023