LA Rams training camp: Breaking down reports using the traffic light method

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Give these the green light

The third and final category out of the Rams training camp is the green light category. This is the type of information that comes from reputable sources, has specific messaging, and either expands or confirms what you already know about the team. Let's start with this bit of expanded information about WR Puka Nacua:

We know that the Rams coaching staff is trying to assess the strengths and weaknesses of rookie WR Puka Nacua. But with this information about veteran WR Cooper Kupp mentoring Nacua, confirms that the LA Rams want to get Nacua up to speed as quickly as possible.

Stafford to Kupp is back in the Rams offensive arsenal

Speaking about Kupp, the next bit of information is a bit of positive news:

After last season's injuries to both Matthew Stafford (spinal cord contusion and NFL concussion protocol) and Cooper Kupp (ankle injury), it's great to see both players practicing and showing no signs of lingering effects of last season's injuries.

Finally, what about some of the new faces added to the Rams roster? We know that the LA Rams secondary is a work in process so far. But it is beginning to congeal a bit. So far, I have the names of Jordan Fuller penciled in as the starting safety and Cobie Durant penciled in as the starting 'Star,' cornerback. For the other starting cornerback spot, I have to give veteran defensive back Ahkello Witherspoon the nod over teammate Robert Rochell.

Quotable coach speak

Defensive coordinator Raheem Morris had some positive words for newly signed veteran DB Ahkello Witherspoon:

"“Yeah, it’s really early, but I will say this,” Morris said. “What he’s brought so far that I’ve noticed right away is his calm, cool demeanor and his willingness to learn, his willingness to gather information and to be able to go out here and just to even practice within the short time that he’s been here, I think it’s just a credit to him. So, he’s brought that right now and it’s really early. He’s looked good, he’s done some really good things.”"

Raheem Morris re: Ahkello Witherspoon

Of course, nothing is set into stone yet. And we probably won't know who are the Rams starters until we learn who is not competing in any preseason games.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this is to accept that not every bit of LA Rams news is designed to be scientifically pinpoint accurate. Not all literature has to read line a case study of a clinical trial or like a legal brief. There is a place for impressions, opinions, excitement and optimism.

How to use that information relies upon the reader. Each of us can pick and choose what we wish to construct our own personal image of what the LA Rams will look like this year. And it's that thrill of trying to assemble that image that extends the short 17-gams NFL season into the summer months.

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Sit back and enjoy the LA Rams training camp. It's about the journey, not the destination. And the LA Rams roster, stuffed with raw rookie talent, is going to give us all one helluva ride this year.