LA Rams Tre Tomlinson giving off those DB Darious Williams vibes

Tre Tomlinson Los Angeles Rams
Tre Tomlinson Los Angeles Rams / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

When the LA Rams chose to reconfigure their defense after the 2022 NFL season, there was great concern over the Rams secondary. Even with the presence of All-Pro DB Jalen Ramsey, the LA Rams defense was filled with young players who were still learning their craft. And am I surprising anyone with an assertion that former safeties Nick Scott and Taylor Rapp had very similar styles? Big on thumping but less gifted in pass defense.

The LA Rams loaded up on defensive backs in the 2022 NFL Draft, which set the stage for the team to part ways with almost all veterans in the secondary. This was not an accident, it seems. Rather, the LA Rams anticipated sweeping turnover in the secondary for the 2023 NFL season as long ago as the 2022 NFL Draft.

And yet, there is one thing that nobody could have foreseen a year ago. What is that? The fact that the LA Rams would have an NFL-caliber defensive back fall to them in Round 6 of the 2023 NFL Draft.

Tre Tomlinson gives off Darious Williams vibes already

The LA Rams needed help everywhere, and with 14 draft picks, the team certainly attempted to address as many needs in the Rams roster as possible. However the team did not find the right opportunity to address the secondary needs until the 182nd overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft,

It is nearly impossible to review the collegiate career of 5-foot-9 178-pound defensive back Tre'Vius Hodges-Tomlinson (a.k.a. Tre Tomlinson) and not see the similarities of former Rams 5-foot-9 187-pound veteran defensive back Darious Williams, a fact that we pointed out repeatedly. And it was the Rams success with Williams that likely assured them that Tomlinson was a worthwhile addition to the Rams roster:

It is that history with Williams, that fiery competitive spirit in Tre Tomlinson, and the undeniable opportunity that Tomlinson has in the Rams secondary that has generated the Rams rookie with +12000 odds of earning AP's 2023 NFL Defensive Rookie of the Year. Based on what we have seen, and the Rams' current depth chart, he could be in a position to earn a place in those discussions.

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Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting that we skip past the part where Tre Tomlinson has to earn defensive snaps. And I'm not even close to anointing the young man as the next best thing since sliced bread. I'm merely saying that even as a late Day 3 rookie, Tre Tomlinson is definitely worth keeping on your radar.

He is the type of player who could pleasantly surprise everyone this season. And if the Rams have any hope of beating expectations, rookie DB Tre Tomlinson will have to be one of the reasons for that to happen.