LA Rams young guns have defense in good hands for the foreseeable future

The 2023 NFL Draft has produced some solid rookies for the LA Rams roster, including these two young NFL defensive stars in the making.

Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams
Aaron Donald, Kobie Turner, Byron Young, Los Angeles Rams / Harry How/GettyImages

The LA Rams are transitioning from the team that was to the team that is yet to be. What all of that means is that the Rams roster, which appeared in two Super Bowls in head coach Sean McVay's first five seasons, is nearly unrecognizable to the team that is competing in 2023. That is especially true of the Rams young defense.

Gone are the playmakers like DB Jalen Ramsey, OLB Leonard Floyd, and even NT Greg Gaines and defensive lineman A'Shawn Robinson. But that is not to say that the future is bleak Quite the contrary, as the LA Rams have a pair of young guns who are already embracing the chaos of the defensive line of scrimmage.

The first rookie standout for the Rams is outside linebacker Byron Young, a strong playmaking edge rusher who is already showing up well for the Rams, and who is almost certainly destined to lead the Rams defense in quarterback sacks in the future:

But he is not the only rookie turning heads. His teammate, rookie nose tackle Kobie Turner, has been far better than the brochure. He not only holds his ground on the defensive line of scrimmage to give inside linebacker Ernest Jones IV an unobstructed path to the football, but he has a quick hitch that allows him to shed even double-team blockers and make the play.

Because this is their rookie season, they are both experiencing many offensive formations and players for the first time. No matter how much video footage they view, nothing beats a live football game experience. Right now, both players are accumulating that experience, which will improve their performances in the coming weeks.

The Rams struggled in 2022, in part due to the impact of not hitting in the 2020 NFL Draft. With so many young players either starting or showing so much promise from the Rams 2023 NFL Draft class, you have to believe that 2025 is going to be a very good year for the Rams.