Latest Baldy's Breakdowns lauds Rams rookies: "They play hard."

Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay
Los Angeles Rams, Sean McVay / Rob Carr/GettyImages

The LA Rams knew that 2023 was going to be a year of risks. After all, the team ran aground of their All-In strategy, winning Super Bowl LVI, but failing to win more than five games the following season. The Rams understood that they were carrying a heavy load on the team. The Rams roster was loaded with playmakers. The only problem was that in 2022, the team discovered that injured players cannot make plays.

What the Rams chose to do in 2023 was not a new strategy. But it had never been attempted in a way that the Rams organization wanted to compete. You see, the Rams parted ways with a number of veteran playmakers, swallowing $75 million in dead cap monies, and almost started over again. The Team kept several key veterans, but the Rams roster became very young, very quickly.

That was pretty risky, as rookies are not exactly known to be guaranteed to flourish in the NFL.

Baldy's Breakdowns: Rams rookie really play hard

But the Rams rookie class of 2023 is different, in the sense that they compete hard and give a great deal of effort on every play. Those are not my words. Rather, those are the comments from one of best NFL Analysts in the game, Brian Baldinger.

I have always appreciated the insights of Bady, as he focuses on the line of scrimmage and details out not just the big plays in a game, but the big efforts of players who work hard. He had no shortage of Rams rookies to discuss in his latest breakdown of Rams defensive rookies.

Baldy's light-hearted commentary is rich with appreciation and respect for the Rams rookies, as he diagnoses the impacts of OLB Byron Young, OLB Nick Hampton, and NT Kobie Turner. Now, blend those efforts with the stalwart defense of young veterans like NT Bobby Brown III, and you find abundant and compelling evidence why the Rams defense has been a pleasant surprise this season.

The Rams face a tough opponent on Thursday Night Football. But this is a game that may be less about the Rams being prepared to face the Saints, and more about whether or not the Saints are ready to face the red-hot Rams.