This underestimated Rams defender is beginning to tear offensive lines apart

Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Eric Henderson
Los Angeles Rams Offseason Workout, Eric Henderson / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The LA Rams know what an incredibly gifted coach that Defensive Line Coach and Defensive Run Game Coordinator Eric Henderson has been for the Rams organization. He is the Sensei who is the mastermind behind the Rams defensive line mantra - #DAWGWORK. But what many fans, even those who respect and appreciate Coach Henny's contribution to the team, sometimes miss is the fact that his players do not seek the spotlight.

But eventually, that spotlight will find his players.

One such player who deserves the spotlight right now is seldom recognized nose tackle Bobby Brown III. Brown has played in 10 of the Rams 14 games this season, missing four games before the Rams Week 10 BYE. While we have discussed many contributing factors to the Rams resurgence to meaningful football since the BYE, we have not laid out how Bobby Brown III's return has bolstered the Rams defense very often.

Let's revisit and take up that discussion right now.

Bobby Brown stuffs the run

With the popularity of Fantasy Football among NFL fans, and the growing popularity of prop bets among football fans, the focus and attention of casual to even the most hardcore football fans continues to pivot away from blocker-gobblers on the defensive front and more towards the guys who generate quarterback sacks and tackles for a loss.

That is not the game that LA Rams nose tackle Bobby Brown III plays.

So how can we explain his lofty grades from Pro Football Focus in recent weeks? In summary, he plays the nose tackle role incredibly well:

Since returning after the BYE, Rams NT Bobby Brown III has played 133 defensive snaps over the past five games. In the five games, he has 12 tackles. one quarterback hit, and two tackles for a loss.

Now keep in mind that the Rams faced the Seattle Seahawks (28th-ranked rushing offense), Arizona Cardinals (7th-ranked rushing offense), Cleveland Browns (10th-ranked rushing offense), Baltimore Ravens (1st-ranked rushing offense), and Washington Commanders (24th-ranked rushing offense) in that span. And in each game, those offenses were held well below their rushing average for the season.

No, Bobby Brown may not be getting 10 quarterback sacks for the LA Rams defensive line this season. But how much would this Rams defense, and perhaps team overall, be struggling if not for Brown's ability to shut down the opposing offense running game?

The LA Rams are winning because opposing offenses cannot run the football against this Rams defense. You can thank Coach Henny, and NT Bobby Brown, for that.