Look where ex-Rams DB Terrell Burgess will be competing in 2023

Terrell Burgess Los Angeles Rams
Terrell Burgess Los Angeles Rams / Michael Owens/GettyImages

When the LA Rams selected Utah's versatile defensive back, Terrell Burgess in Round 3 of the 2020 NFL Draft, with the 104th overall pick, there was plenty of hope that the Rams had found a player who had the fierceness and power of an NFL safety combined with the cover skills of an NFL cornerback, all rolled up into one player.

His draft profile was bursting with high praise and compliments, but the comment that stood out to me then and still does to this day is his NFL assessment: 'Will Eventually Be Average Starter.' Oh if that were only the case. At the time, the Rams roster was reeling a bit from losing veteran S Eric Weddle, but was also anticipating the loss of free agent John Johnson III, who outplayed the price that the Rams were willing to spend on the position.

Burgess was the guy who was supposed to ensure continuity for the Rams secondary, and through his development in 2020, it truly appeared as though the Rams had hit on both drafted safeties in Burgess and his teammate Jordan Fuller. That led to optimistic speculation that the duo would start for the Rams at the two safety positions. Of course, we now know that never happened.

What happened to Terrell Burgess?

What did happen to Terrell Burgess is that he struggled after a serious ankle injury ended his 2020 season early. When he returned in 2021, he lost the competition to start to teammate Taylor Rapp. And by the time 2022 rolled in, he was fighting for playing time and a slot on the Rams roster.

It was not as though Burgess was a complete bust. Here are his stats for the LA Rams:

  1. 2020 | 7 games | 49 snaps | 8 tackles | 1 PD | 57.1 % completion
  2. 2021 | 16 games | 90 snaps | 10 tackles | 0 PD | 83.3 % completion
  3. 2022 | 7 games | 82 snaps | 11 tackles | 0 PD | 100 % completion

But the damage to his reputation was done. He was unable to develop for the Rams after the loss of DB Coach Aubrey Pleasant and was finally released by the LA Rams while he was still on his rookie contract. He did manage to sign with the New York Giants practice squad for the remained of the 2022 season but was released by the Giants on May 3, 2023, with an injury designation.

Well, he's found a home once more, and with the Giants most hated rival: The Washington Commanders. Will he work out there? I still believe that he has NFL potential in the right defensive scheme.

I won't lie. When I noticed that the Giants had released him, and married that fact to the return of Coach Pleasant to the Rams coaching staff, I was a bit hopeful that the Rams would re-sign Burgess to the roster. After all, the Rams still have open roster spots, and even if he did not make the active roster, Burgess is quite familiar with the Rams defense.

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But it is not to be. If he makes the team, Terrell Burgess will face the LA Rams in SoFi Stadium on Sunday, December 17, 2023. I can see the Rams winning that contest, in spite of their young roster. Sadly, the Rams reunion with Terrell Burgess won't last any longer than some handshakes and casual conversations on the football field after the game.