Looks like LA Rams K Lucas Havrisik just kicked Crosby to the curb

Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Lucas Havrisik
Los Angeles Rams v Baltimore Ravens, Lucas Havrisik / Rob Carr/GettyImages

When the LA Rams emerged from Week 13, the team was dissatisfied with young kicker Lucas Havrisik. The discontent was so strong that the team signed free agent kicker Mason Crosby to compete for the job. The Rams signed veteran kicker Crosby to the 16-man practice squad and even went so far as to activate him for Week 14.

The outlook for Havrisik was not promising at that point in time.

But at a time when getting blocked, canceled, or otherwise thrown away or discarded, the LA fought the urge to react. Instead, the Rams wisely allowed Lucas Havrisik to have one final opportunity to fight for his job. The decision was a burst of sly wisdom. If the Rams had cut Havrisik and Crosby struggled, the Rams would appear to be foolish and too quick to part ways.

By letting Havrisik kick in very hostile conditions, the Rams set the team up for a win-win scenario. Either Havrisik would struggle, forcing the Rams to pivot to Mason Crosby for the remainder of the 2023 NFL season. Or, Havrisik would beat the odds and play well, and the Rams would not only have a reason to keep Havrisik but would be highly respected for allowing Havrisik to win his job back.

Havrisik was flawless. He kicked three of three field goals, and two of two extra points, in a game that was forced to endure nature's worst.

We'll talk about the other roster moves in an upcoming article.

Despite the willingness by some fans to change players at the first sign of trouble, that's not a very good strategy for long-term success. Swapping out players forces the Rams, or any NFL team for that matter, to retool constantly. That derails continuity, which is one of the key components to success in professional football.

While I cannot state that Havrisik will be flawless the rest of the way, sticking with him is the right choice for now. Not every new player is an upgrade. Sometimes, the best course of action is to stick with the guys who are fighting with all they've got to help the team win