NFL analysts hyping up Braden Fiske should have Rams fans beyond excited

Reese's Senior Bowl Braden Fiske
Reese's Senior Bowl Braden Fiske / Don Juan Moore/GettyImages

If you are less then euphoric over the LA Rams selection of Florida State University defensive tackle Braden Fiske, give it time. Sometimes the source of the greatest joy in life is not love at first sight, but runs more like a cargo ship through locks of a canal. The news arrives and your form a quick opinion. Then after a bit of time, you do a little research.

It's the creation of a personal database and the collection of information about the new player that aids us in forming our opinions from a neutral point of indifference. But sometimes, we can absorb the perspective of other persons, as long as those other persons are in a position to have greater direct knowledge of the player.

One such NFL authority who you can trust is former NFL QB Robert Griffin III. RG3 is a former player-turned-analyst who offers a unique insight into the entire NFL Draft and the attributes that leads to success in the NFL. And RG3 has nothing but positive things to say about DL Braden Fiske:

I love the term violence associated with Braden Fiske's style of play. And it's very descriptive and accurate too.

Baldy loves this pick

NFL Insider and analyst Brian Baldinger loves the addition of Braden Fiske. He shows video clips of Fiske's performance throughout the season, and his commentary is simple. Baldy love Fiske's consistency. He performs at a high productive level regardless of who he faces.

Take special note to hear how Baldy treats the combination of Braden Fiske and Jared Verse as a pair of defenders who create chaos and problems for quarterbacks, offensive linemen, and ultimately for offensive coordinators.

While you may still have the jury out on the Rams first two additions in the 2024 NFL Draft, more and more testimony is popping up from NFL experts who love the additions of these players. If you were concerned about the Rams ability to write a new chapter for this defense, the arrival of two outstanding Seminoles defenders should settle your nerves a bit. The Rams have made two sections, have two picks to use in Round 3, and six picks to use on Day 3.

So far, the Rams have landed two starters.