Rams selects DT Braden Fiske with 39th overall pick: Instant grade and analysis

NFL Combine Braden Fiske, Jared Verse
NFL Combine Braden Fiske, Jared Verse / Kara Durrette/GettyImages

The LA Rams certainly appear to have a plan and a bit of luck so far as they entered Day 2 of the 2024 NFL Draft, they had already selected one of their two gotta-grab players. After a flurry of activity in free agency, this team entered the 2024 NFL Draft needing to land starters on the defensive front.

They filled one half of that shopping list by selecting OLB Jared Verse with the 19th overall pick. That selection added a presumed starting pass rusher to this defense. But what of the need for help on the defensive down lineman?

Entering Round 2, there were several solid prospects on the draft board. But the Falcons selected DT Ruke Orhorhoro (35th overfall), the Commanders selected DT Jer'Zhan Newton (36th overall), and the Texans selected T'Vondre Sweat (38th overall). With defensive tackles flying off the board, the team had no choice if they wanted to move up in this draft and claim a defensive tackle. That gave leverage to the Carolina Panthers, and they used every bit of that advantage to squeeze the Rams for every ounce of value:

It may not have been what fans wanted to see from the team. But this was the right decision.

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Fiske stands 6-foot-4 and weighs 292 pounds. He is a versatile defensive lineman who can slide into any of the three defensive line roles on the team's odd-man front. On many draft big boards, Fiske was regarded as one of the best interior defensive linemen available in this rookie class. He brings an unmatched fury to the Rams defensive front that will bolster the ferocity of his teammates.

And we cannot overlook the synergy that is instantly infused into this defense by selecting two Seminoles one-two in this draft. We love this pick. Our only disclaimer is that we are not happy with the price paid to trade up.

Grade: B