NFL Rumors: Like it or not, LA Rams linked to trade scenario for Colts RB Jonathan Taylor

Los Angeles Rams Jonathan Taylor
Los Angeles Rams Jonathan Taylor / Andy Lyons/GettyImages
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All LA Rams fans likely recall how the Rams had to deal with an insubordinate running back Cam Akers, and how a frustrated Akers asked to be traded from the LA Rams amidst the 2022 NFL season. As it turned out, the LA Rams eventually parted ways with their former running back coach, Cam Akers eventually returned from his team imposed suspension, and the Rams enjoyed a trio of 100+ yard rushing yard games from Akers to finish out the 2022 NFL season.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

Wait. what? Did you not hear the recent NFL news? The Indianapolis Colts have given permission to running back Jonathan Taylor to seek a trade. Well, you should know because we discussed that sudden and surprising turn of events less than 48 hours ago in a recent article.

Disgruntled veteran NFL player allowed to seek a trade? Yeah, that walks like the Rams modus operandi (M.O.) and quacks like the Rams M.O., so it is probably the Rams M.O., right?

Yes, this has all the makings of a Rams trade

And just like outside linebacker Dante Fowler Jr or defensive back Jalen Ramsey, a disgruntled NFL star running back will eventually be linked to the L.A. Rams in some form of NFL Rumors or NFL Trade scenario. Well the wait for such a connection between the Rams and the running back is over.

The first trade scenario is here. And based on the heat of NFL rumors, and the track record of the LA Rams whenever game changing veterans are unhappy with their current teams and wish to be traded, I'm surprised that it's taken this long to find us. You see, the LA Rams have that reputation for trading first-round picks of the future for a game-changing veteran today.

The trouble with any NFL rumors or trade scenarios that involve the LA Rams is the timing. Yes, timing. You see, I believe that a trade for any game changing veteran player by the Rams would only make sense if the Rams are in the discussions for an NFL Playoff berth and need that one more boost to get them over the hump. Right now, I'm not certain that even the LA Rams coaching staff knows where in the NFL Power Rankings the full strength LA Rams falls.

To sum it up, how can the Rams organization know how to get there if the team does not know where it is right now?