Post Trade LA Rams mock draft reloads defense for 2023

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Rams revised draft strategy with latest developments

Things have changed significantly for the LA Rams since the last time we talked about mock drafts. The LA Rams outright released inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, and the latest Rams rumors proved to be true as the Rams will indeed trade defensive back Jalen Ramsey to the Miami Dolphins. That was just the beginning, as the Rams are also rumored to have okayed WR Allen Robinson to seek a trade and have released OLB Leonard Floyd and seven other Reserve/Future players. That changes the picture significantly for the Rams' draft needs.

While I believe that the Rams roster can handle the loss of Wagner in 2023, there is no way that the Rams' secondary has a chance without Jalen Ramsey. And what chance does the Rams' pass rush have without dependable Leonard Floyd on the edge? Even the potential loss of WR Allen Robinson leaves the Rams' offense without a potent weapon. So the likelihood of a trade elevates the need for the Rams' positional needs to a higher priority. The challenge is that while the trade of DB Jalen Ramsey landed the LA Rams a 2023 third-round draft pick, there is no chance that the Rams find a Ramsey equivalent with that pick.

Any potential picks are only speculation right now, so we cannot add them to any mock drafts until the trade occurs and only if it occurs. In the meantime, the LA Rams must view the 2023 NFL Draft as likely needing a starting-caliber cornerback to go along with the laundry list of other positional needs. And the Rams now hold 11 draft picks to shore up this roster.

That is the result of the latest 2023 mock Rams draft. Some needs remain unaddressed, but it was not a bad draft. So let's break down who the LA Rams are selecting in this version, and why?