Raheem Morris beats Belichick for Falcons HC role. What's next for Rams staff?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Raheem Morris
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Raheem Morris / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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Okay, so the LA Rams have lost two coaches so far from their 2023 NFL season that ended with an impressive record of 10-7. The Rams first coach to defect was their outstanding Defensive Run Game Coordinator/DL Coach Eric Henderson. Coach Henny moved on to assume a similar role with the USC Trojans football program, with one twist. He is also the USC Co-Defensive Coordinator, a title that carries a great deal of weight for his football career, as it is with a major college football program.

The other loss is that of Rams Defensive Coordinator Raheem Morris, who surprisingly outperformed 14 head coach candidates, including former New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick, to be named the new Head Coach of the Atlanta Falcons. That is in itself quite a feat, but not surprising after the Rams 202 NFL season.

The LA Rams roster plummeted from riches to rags, as the Rams spent the least amount of salary dollars on defensive players in 2023, and less than half of the amount spent by two NFL teams. And yet, Morris was able to keep smiling, continue to motivate, and had perhaps his best season with the LA Rams yet.

Still, the first wave of the 2024 NFL coaching carousel is done, and the LA Rams have already been tapped to lose two significant members of the coaching staff. That may not 'feel' like a lot, but here is where we pause for a moment, and consider what comes next.

Even if the Rams fill vacated roles on the staff by junior members on the coaching staff, the Rams wll simply be shift vacancies from one role to another. But if the Rams seek to fill vacated roles on the coaching staff externally, then the Rams may have to smooth over the feelings of existing coaches, or even risk losing positional coaches to other opportunities.