Raheem Morris beats Belichick for Falcons HC role. What's next for Rams staff?

Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Raheem Morris
Los Angeles Rams Training Camp, Raheem Morris / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages
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How quickly can the LA Rams assemble their 2024 coaching staff?

Right now, the LA Rams list of coaching staff vacancies is somewhat manageable. But now that the second wave of NFL coaching hires is underway (coordinators),the number of vacancies on the LA Rams coaching staff could multiply quickly.

  1. Rams' DC role (vacant) - 5 possible candidates
  2. Rams' DL Coach (vacant) - TBD
  3. Potential additional vacancies

Of course, the uncertainty surrounding the LA Rams vacated coaching position will cause some fans to squirm in their seats a bit. And of the most obvious candidates to fill the Rams vacated positions, we all learned a thing or two about how effectively the Rams can act in the background, and how surprising the results can be after the Rams front office and coaches do their due diligence to vet new coaching candidates.

The Rams assembled a formidable and respected coaching staff by cobbling together both venerable veterans with young dynamic coaches. The results of that coaching tapestry was a glorious playoff run in the second half of the 2023 NFL season. And if the Rams are just as judicious and meticulous in the search for coaching candidates for the 2024 NFL season, the Rams will likely have just as impressive of a season this year.

Unlike a footrace, the goal of reconstituting the coaching staff is not to do so quickly, but to do so effectively. If the Rams' 3-year cycle holds true for 2024, the LA Rams could be competing in the next Super Bowl. With that in mind, the team will want to keep an eye on adding coaches who can handle that level of pressure and remain focused.

The list of things to do for the LA Rams continues to grow as the off-season moves along. This is a matter of very dynamic conditions that can and probably will change quickly. Over the next few days or even weeks, the Rams may be adding coaches to the staff as other teams pry additional coaches from the Rams to assemble their new coaching staff.

Stay tuned, because the wheel is turning now . . .