Rams 7-round 2024 NFL Mock Draft after Aaron Donald retires

2024 NFL Draft - LA Rams Mock Draft
2024 NFL Draft - LA Rams Mock Draft / David Eulitt/GettyImages
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Can the LA Rams restock the defensive roster in the 2024 NFL Draft to compensate for the loss of legendary All-Pro defensive tackle Aaron Donald? Probably not. But, the team can use their 11 picks in the 2024 NFL Draft to carpet bomb the defensive front. With the right players, the right rotation, and the right coaching, the team can compensate enough to keep the success of 2023 rolling right on through 2024.

Unlike some mock drafts that presume that the favored targets that seem to fit the team's need and culture ought to be there, we presume that many of the best prospects for this culture will not be there. It's easy enough to replicate by using an online NFL Draft simulator. For this version of the mock draft, I used Pro Football Network's online draft simulator. To keep it as realistic as possible, I rejected all draft day trades.

To ensure that I would emerge with a draft that would help the team in the aftermath of Aaron Donald's retirement news, I prioritized the following:

  • Defensive linemen
  • Edge rushers
  • Defensive backs
  • Offensive skill players
  • Offensive linemen
  • Linebackers
  • Special team specialists

Of course, just setting priorities do nothing once the draft begins. And it's safe to conclude that other NFL teams, knowing that the Rams front office would seek to replenish the pass rush, will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure that the best pass rushers come off the board before the Rams have an opportunity to add them to the roster.

Still, this is a draft class that has plenty of talent. Fortunately, the LA Rams enter this draft with plenty of picks. If the team is as successful finding players who fit the team culture and scheme, 2024 could be a very successful season.