Rams Day 2 picks: When does Los Angeles pick next?

When will the Rams be on the clock on Day 2 of the draft?
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The Los Angeles Rams selected Jared Verse in the first round of the draft. I'm sure Rams fans were tired of hearing about how this was the first Round 1 selection for the Rams since 2016 but that storyline is finally over with. They now have their first Round 1 selection and Verse will hopefully be someone who can step into their defense and make his presence felt right away.

With the first night of the draft in the books, we now shift our attention to Day 2, which consists of Rounds 2 and 3. What picks do the Rams have for the second day of the 2024 NFL Draft?

Los Angeles Rams Day 2 Draft Picks









The Rams will be armed with three draft picks on Day 2, or at least that's the case as of this writing. This will give them a chance to add some depth to their defense after Aaron Donald announced his retirement in the offseason.

Will the Rams eventually end up adding a quarterback with one of these Day 2 picks? There had been some buzz that they might take one in the first round but with six going in the first 12 picks, that wasn't really a logical option for them at pick 19.

It'll be fun to see how the Rams spend their three picks in the second and third rounds. Maybe they'll end up adding more picks between now and then. We'll have to wait and see.