Rams Draft Day 2 - Who will win the Ramblin Fan Draft Dom Award?

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With the 36th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft . . .

The first pick for the LA Rams holds no consensus from the Ramblin Fan experts, as the offense-defense split is nearly a dead heat as two picks go offense, and three picks go defense, and there is not even agreement as to which position will be targeted this early.

Michael Ferro: OT Anton Harrison

While offensive tackle Anton Harrison may not be on the board at 36, Ferro believes that he will be there and that the LA Rams will call out his name. Ferro believes that the Rams want to protect veteran QB Matthew Stafford at all costs, and has this to say about Harrison:

"Harrison is an excellent pass-and-run blocker with great intangibles for players' strength coming out of college. His strength is above average, and he has solid speed and quickness for a guy that weighs 315Ib as he ran a 4.98 40-yard dash"

Donald Wilson: CB Emmanuel Forbes

The huge question is will he be there? Some NFL draft big boards say yes. Others say no. If he is there, then it will be tough for the LA Rams NOT to call out his name. There is no question about his skill set. He's a cover savant, an excellent defensive back who fits the LA Rams zone coverage scheme. He can also flip to press-man, giving the Rams secondary some better options:

player. NFL Draft Profile. Cornerback . Emmanuel Forbes. 51. NFL Draft Buzz. Mississippi State. Rd 2

He has all of the skills to compete for a starting role in the Rams secondary. But at 6-foot-1, you'd like to see more muscle mass on his frame to squelch concerns over durability.

Reese Evans: TE Michael Mayer

Notre Dame TE Michael Mayer is another rookie who has projected coming off the 2023 NFL Draft as early as among the Top 15 selections. Will he be there for the LA Rams at 36? Evans thinks so, and is banking on the 6-foot-4 249-pound standout to be selected by the Rams in Round 2.

Tight end. 36. 51. NFL Draft Profile. NFL Draft Buzz. player. Notre Dame. Michael Mayer

This guy is worth the pick, as he is the clear consensus as among the Top-3 in the position, with some positions holding him as the best tight end in a tight-end deep draft class. The Rams may not have landed a tight nd this good in the entire tenure of LA Rams HC Sean McVay. Hard blocks and tight ends, the stuff McVay would love to coach.

James Dudko: DL Isaiah Foskey

The LA Rams kept Rams DL Coach Eric Henderson on a diet, as the team has seldom invested much in terms of drafted rookies into the defensive line. But the versatility of Edge/DL Isaiah Foskey is a tough combination to ignore. Some say 4-3 defensive end, others say 3-4 outside linebacker. Dudko says edge rusher, a position that the LA Rams need to address in the 2023 NFL Draft.

NFL Draft Profile. NFL Draft Buzz. Isaiah Foskey. 36. 51. Edge rusher. Notre Dame. player

Regardless of whether you want incredible athleticism, or incredible production, Foskey delivers both. And he can do that whether he has a hand in the dirt or standing in a two-point stance.

Bret Stuter: Edge Will McDonald IV

In keeping with the gotta get that LA Rams defense going, this pick wastes no time in selecting an Edge rusher who will be pencilled in as a starter for the LA Rams as soon as his name is called out. Unlike some of the earlier predictions, there is a very strong likelihood that Iowa State edge rusher Will McDonald IV is there for the LA Rams at 36.

NFL Draft Buzz. Iowa State. Will McDonald . 51. NFL Draft Profile. Edge rusher. 36. player

The Rams need to get some deep foundation pieces, and Will McDonald IV brings that Pro Bowl potential to a Rams defense that is desperate to get pass-rush help for DL Aaron Donald. The Rams were entirely dissatisfied with their 2022 pass rushers, clearing nearly everyone who had any experience in the position. If you are going to reset that defense, McDonald is an excellent first step to doing so. (The New York Jets selected McDonald with the 15th overall pick, sheesh)