Rams Draft Day 2 - Who will win the Ramblin Fan Draft Dom Award?

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With the 77th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft . . .

One more pick and we are no closer to forming a consensus than before. There is a small trend forming with the third pick for the LA Rams to select a receiver, as two predict a wide receiver, and one believes that the Rams go with a tight end at this spot.

Michael Ferro: TE Tucker Kraft

By the time the Rams get to the podium for their third pick of the draft, the pressure is on to get a key contributor and perhaps one more starter. Ferro believes that value is at the tight end position, and he backs up that belief by projecting South Dakota State tight end Tucker Kraft to the LA Rams here.

'Kraft is a 6-foot-4, 254-pound tight end with solid blocking skills. Having a tight end that can block well is critical to an offense, especially an offense that should focus on running the ball more RB Cam Akers, as we saw at the end of last year, can be productive when he gets the opportunity that he deserves.'

The Rams are keen on small school prospects, and Tucker Kraft has the skills and intangibles to be a huge part of the Rams future.

Donald Wilson: WR Jayden Reed

The LA Rams offense needs some playmakers and the Ramblin Fan contributors slide over to the receivers for a mini run. Wilson projects the LA Rams choosing WR Jayden Reed out of Michigan State with the 77th overall pick. This may be a bit of a reach, as some project Reed as late as a fifth-round selection. But keep in mind that the Rams next selection is at 167, so if they like the guy, they have to make the selection here.

NFL Draft. 77. player. 51. NFL Draft Profile. Wide receiver. Michigan State. Jayden Reed

Reed is 5-foot-11 and 187 pounds and is the type of receiver who makes the catch and moves the chains. But the LA Rams need a punt and kickoff returner, and you can pencil Jayden Reed in for those roles if he is selected here for the Rams.

Reese Evans: WR Marvin Mims

Keeping along the theme of an offensive weapon, Evans rolls the dice on no secondary help, instead paying the tithe to give Coach McVay his obligatory wide receiver. Mims is projected as a late-second rounder, so the question is: Will he last to the third round?

Oklahoma. NFL Draft Buzz. Wide receiver. Marvin Mims Jr.. 77. player. 51. NFL Draft Profile

Mims and Reed are both wide receivers with extensive special teams experience. The difference is that Marvin Mims Jr. is a vertical threat who can push hard to leap over WR Tutu Atwells on the Rams roster. His draft projection is based on his nearly-elite play-making abilities with the ball in his hands. He is the type of player the Rams would pick. But is he the type of player who the Rams can get involved in the offense quickly?

James Dudko: DL Gervon Dexter Sr.

The chance to add a 6-foot-6 310-pound defensive lineman who can line up at any position along the LA Rams defensive front is always a smart decision. But the chance to add DL Gervon Dexter Sr. to the defensive line to be coached up by Coach Eric Henderson is a stroke of genius, if he is there. He has been blessed with incredible athleticism, which has allowed him to be so effective.

NFL Draft Profile. NFL Draft Buzz. 77. player. 51. Defensive line. Florida. Gervon Dexter Sr.

Dexter Is the type of player who, if he is willing to do the work, has incredible upside on the Rams defense. He is raw, as so many at this spot in the NFL Draft tend to be. But he does have so much fundamental talent to work with. And the LA Rams have the right culture to get the most out of a willing defensive lineman.

Bret Stuter: CB Garrett Williams

Draft projections for Syracuse defensive back Garrett Williams are mixed. He stands 5-foot-10 and weighs a respectable 192 pounds. So what makes him what could very well be a starting defensive back for the LA Rams secondary? He does what a defensive back is supposed to do very well. He covers well, tackles well, and even hangs well on those vertical receivers. So what is his hiccup to fall to 77?

He suffered an ACL injury in 2022, which remains a question mark on some draft profiles.

Syracuse. Garrett Williams. 77. 51. Defensive back. NFl Draft Buzz. player. NFL Draft Profile

The LA Rams need a plug-and-play in their secondary. While Williams has some questions that need to be answered, but he is arriving as a rookie who is ready to show up and suit up. That is a factor that is something the Rams will need to weigh carefully. He has more playmaker ability in pass defense.

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Okay.. that's our Day 2 Rams mock draft. What do you think? Let us know which player is your favorite from this group? In case of a tie, we will be looking for the readers votes of confidence in the comments section by the end of Round 2 to break the tie. Thanks for your votes, and we all hope you enjoy the LA Rams Day 2 chapter of the 203 NFL Draft.