Rams pause picking up picks to grab burly blocker

Georgia Bulldogs Warren McClendon
Georgia Bulldogs Warren McClendon / Steve Limentani/ISI Photos/GettyImages

The LA Rams are not done with their wheelin and dealin ways. The Rams traded back from the 167th and 171st overall picks, and in the process pick up additional pick in Round 7. That may not sound like wise strategy, but think about this for a moment.

The LA Rams must race to sign up to three times as many undrafted rookies after the 2023 NFL Draft, So those Round 7 picks that are being stockpiled in the 2023 NFL Draft is simply insurance that the Rams need to confirm that they will get the players who they need to round out the Rams roster depth.

In the meantime, the LA Rams continue to put their draft investment into the trenches is the key to competing for an NFL Playoff berth in 2024. The Rams continue in that direction with the selection of Georgia OT Warren McClendon Jr. at the 174th overall pick of the 2023 NFL Draft So now that we know who he is, what can we tell you about him?

A Round 6 offensive lineman is not necessarily broken as other positions drafted late may seem to be. Instead, the players who hear their names called later on Day 3 of an NFL Draft simply have some tendencies that need to be cleaned up.

Offensive tackle. Georgia. Warren McClendon Jr. . 51. NFL Draft Buzz. 174. player. NFL Draft Profiel

The emphasis on the offensive line this year is a welcome change for the LA Rams. The addition of a 6-foot-4 and 306-pound offensive tackle is something that is a step in the right direction. Add to the fact that he plays at right tackle and blocked for new quarterback Stetson Bennett, and an image begins to form.

The LA Rams starting right tackle, Rob Havenstein, is under contract through 2025. But the Rams have a contractual out after the 2024 NFL season. Is McClendon earmarked to become his replacement? Just check out the video below, then we will discuss what he brings to the Rams roster:

Some projections have him shifting to the guard position. But I don't know if that makes sense here. Much like undrafted OT Alaric Jackson, Warren McClendon Jr. may not jump out to draft analysts, but his character is impeccable, he has vast experience as a starter at offensive tackle, and many of the marks against him can be corrected with coaching and refining his technique.

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I won't call this a grand slam, but I do believe that McClendon will be a very pleasant surprise to LA Rams fans, and be scored at least a ground-rule double.