Rams respond to Stefon Diggs trade in latest 4-round 2024 NFL mock draft

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams, Stefon Diggs
Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams, Stefon Diggs / Harry How/GettyImages
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While the recent trade of veteran WR Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills to the Houston Texans may have no direct impact on the LA Rams, we believe that the ripple effects of that trade could benefit the team nevertheless. And to see how that may take place in a mock draft scenario, I wanted to put that theory to the test.

As of today, the LA Rams possess the following picks in Rounds 1-4 in the 2024 NFL Draft:

  • Round 1: 19
  • Round 2: 52
  • Round 3: 83, 99
  • Round 4: None

Now, after the draft, the Buffalo Bills are likely scrambling to create options to restock their wide receiver room. One trade scenario that gives them the firepower in the right rounds of the draft to have the option to select a true plug-and-play wide receiver prospect is a trade that involves the LA Rams and the Buffalo Bills. The proposed trade is as follows:

Bills Rams draft trade

The Bills make this trade because they improve in Round 1, acquire a valuable pick in Round 3, and Improve their overall draft value after this trade. The LA Rams make this trade because they maintain a selection in Round 1, add a second pick in Round 2, add two picks in Round 4, for the cost of moving back in Round 1 and surrendering one of two picks in Round 3.

For the Rams, the team improves their four picks in Rounds 1-4 to six picks in Round 1-4.

  • Round 1: (19) -> 28
  • Round 2: 52 + 60
  • Round 3: (83), 99
  • Round 4: (0) + 128 +133

This is not a Bobby Wagner scenario. In this scenario, Laiatu Latu and Jared Verse are already off the board, as are Jer'Zhan Newton and Byron Murphy II. In fact, many of the Rams Round 1 targets are off the board, giving the team reason to pick up the phone and pulling the trigger.

Of course, slipping back in Round 1 removes some options off the board. But how does the overall draft picture change for the Rams? Does the team emerge with less talent, or do the additional picks in Rounds 2 and 4 compensate adequately? Well, let's take a look: