Rams roster cuts announced for 2nd wave, including serious shockers

Tanner Brown Oklahoma State
Tanner Brown Oklahoma State / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

The LA Rams are still at it, and with less than two hours to go, the team must still find three or more players to cut. But I have to be honest folks. This second wave of roster cuts has more than a couple of shockers in it. In fact, The LA Rams have gone all training camp and all preseason to end up with 0 placekickers.

And that is just the first interesting fact about the direction that this Rams roster is taking.

While the raw list is vital to ensure exactly who is being released, it is a better presentation to organize this round of Rams roster releases by function groups and positions:

Wave II: Player Name - Position Played

  1. DEFENSE (6)
  2. T.J. Carter - DE
  3. Jaiden Woodbey - LB/S
  4. Daniel Hardy - OLB
  5. Keir Thomas - OLB
  6. Quindell Johnson - DB
  7. Cameron McCutcheon - DB
  8. OFFENSE (7)
  9. Dresser Winn - QB
  10. A.J. Acuri - OT
  11. Mike McCalister- C
  12. Grant Miller - G
  13. Nikola Kalinic - TE
  14. Xavier Smith - WR
  15. Austin Trammell WR
  17. Tanner Brown - K
  18. OTHER CUTS (5)
  19. (Veteran-Terminated) Marquise Copeland - DT
  20. (Veteran-Terminated) Royce Freeman - RB
  21. (Veteran-Terminated) Brett Rypien - QB
  22. (WAIVED, Injured) DeAndre Square - ILB
  23. (WAIVED, Injured) Rashaad Torrence - DB

Okay, now that we know the who, let's break this down a bit further:

Some shocking releases

Let's start this off by reiterating that rookie placekicker Tanner Brown is gone. As expected, the Rams could accept his lack of power as long as he kicked with accuracy. But in preseason games, he offered neither and essentially kicked himself off the team.


Shocker I - The LA Rams have terminated the contract of dependable rotational defensive tackle Marquise Copeland. Copeland had put in his time with the Rams, even earning a roster spot. This release may mean that it is back to the Rams practice squad. But I think that this means that the team and player could be parting ways.

Shocker II - With little to no pressure coming from the rookie outside linebackers, the appearance of second-year outside linebacker Daniel Hardy in the box scores of preseason games with quarterback pressures suggested that he had a remote chance to make the Rams roster. That is not the case, but the next one really takes the cake . . .

Shocker III - In terms of preseason quarterback pressure, second-year OLB Keir Thomas was the Alpha and Omega of the Rams pass rush. Thomas was able to get after the quarterback better than practically all of the other pass rushers on the Rams' defense combined. Now, not only do the Rams not have the services of Thomas on the active 53-man roster, but the team runs the real risk of another team placing a waiver claim for him, and the Rams losing him altogether.


Shocker I - While not jumping off the page, offensive tackle A.J. Acuri was far more competitive player than rookie OT Warren McClendon. For that matter, he smoked OL Logan Bruss as well. But he is the offensive lineman who is cut, while both McClendon and Bruss remain safe at the moment. That's a familiar disappointment, and one that I recognize from 2022.

Shocker II - While I guessed that his days were numbered on the Rams roster as soon as he was signed to the team, I continued to hold out hope that somehow veteran RB Royce Freeman would find some way to contribute to the Rams offense this year. As it stands now, his only chance of doing so rests in his signing to the Rams practice squad, and then being promoted back to the active Rams roster.

Shocker III - I don't know what more undrafted rookie interior offensive lineman Grant Miller had to do to make the Rams roster, but he certainly outplayed about five guys on the Rams roster who remain on the Rams roster right now. As much as I hate to say it, the Rams' decision-making process appears to be just as flawed today as ever. Grant Miller absolutely deserved a roster spot.

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How about you? Do any of the latest Rams roster cuts shock you? Or is this pretty much par for the course? Let us know in the comments section on our Facebook page.